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Digital devices, whether laptops, tablets, or smartphones, have evolved significantly. Such devices make things much faster, easier, and more efficient. But, sometimes, digital distractions like unwanted apps become an obstacle to meeting the goal.

Thankfully, there we have a Mac app blocker to keep distracting applications away. Sometimes you need to access an app for yourself but restrict kids from using it. At that time, blockers come in handy. This write-up highlights the pros and cons of app blockers.

About App Blocker

The official Mac app blocker is not sold anymore to new users. However, it is listed for its previous buyers. With this blocker, you can password-protect any application on your Mac computer to keep it secure.

In the latest 3.2.1 version, you can get the feature to troubleshoot problems with the password dialog losing focus. You can simply fix a timeout value to close the protected app automatically, even when you put a system in sleep mode.

Helps Preventing Distractions

The biggest advantage is that it prevents the frustration of encountering issues due to unwanted apps. Blocking provides the ability to quit, block, or hide annoying apps when you are working.

For example, you can block music streaming or games that are distracting you from focusing on crucial and urgent tasks. It can even improve your work efficiency and performance by facilitating a quick page load.

Saves Storage Space

Unwanted apps are not just annoying but also take up your system storage space, causing several issues. A lack of storage can lead to slow webpage loading and delays in downloading important emails.

To ensure quicker website loading, learning how to turn websites into apps can help. By converting websites into native Mac apps, you can block or use such apps accordingly. Also, native apps can be accessed on nearly all platforms.

Improves Internet Bandwidth

Using app blocker software not just helps in cutting down on frustration and saving storage space but offers more advantages. The software has become extensively used for minimal interruptions and reduction in bandwidth.

By blocking unnecessary applications, you can improve the bandwidth of cellular or wireless data usage. This further helps you in lowering the data cost. You can also reduce battery usage.

Cons of App Blocker

Alongside several pros, using app blockers has some drawbacks as well. It can lead to browsing data privacy risks if you’re using unreliable software. It can transfer your app activities to a third-party server. It can sometimes result in the risk of malware.

It is possible that you might enter a virus attack while downloading any application. There is also a possibility that you might block all the apps. Blockers can also affect the economy as they can impact ads hosted on that application.

Guide to Use the Right App Blocker

An app blocker is simply software designed to help users prevent access to applications. Numerous software out there helps block particular apps at a certain time or permanently. To ensure safe use, it is important to install and use reliable blocking software.

When selecting any software to block time-consuming applications, there are certain things to keep in consideration. The key things are safety and ease to use. Check whether the software is safe, easy to use, and meets your needs.

macOS Parental Controls

Don’t focus just on its name, as parental controls are for kids and parents. This is a built-in feature on macOS to prevent children and other people from using certain websites. You can set up this feature for additional privacy protection when sharing Macs with others.

You can also use this Mac feature for limited self-control or self-blocking annoying sites for improved productivity. This convenient and easier feature can be used on MacBook Air, MacBook desktop, and MacBook Pro.

How to Set Parental Control?

Setting Mac parental control can be performed within a few clicks. Locate the Apple logo and tap on it. Select System Preferences and tap on the yellow and black icon of Parental Controls.

Choose the account to change. If you have a second or third user account, hit the lock symbol. Input your password and pick the account to modify. In case of having no secondary account, learn how to create a child account.     

The Conclusion

App blocker software lets users block annoying applications and fully focus on other vital things. It also assists in bringing down screen time. If you want to enjoy excellent digital well-being, remove the apps wasting your time tracking.

Now that you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of app blockers, it’s time to make a decision. The final outcome of blocking any application is based on which blocker you are using and its reliability.


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