Are you a budding blogger who is looking for an opportunity to show off his SEO and blogging skills? You have definitely knocked on the right door, as our crew at Techie Value is looking for bloggers like you. Techie Value‘s editorial team works diligently to provide our readers with insightful and worthwhile pieces. 

We are happy to invite you to write for our website, and if you can help in this journey of proving tech knowledge to all, that would be great.

What could be a better thing to accomplish if you can influence lives by sharing information with a little effort?

You have knocked on the right door if you are seeking a reputable tech website that welcomes guest posts.

We feature articles that cover everything related to information and technology.

Techie Value is a very reputed website which aims to provide a platform to tech experts.

Your passions and ideas can be shared with our readers through Techie Value.

What are the topics for which you can write for us?

Topics that you can write about are:

  • Gadget Reviews
  • Articles that explain technology in simple terms
  • Recent developments in gadgets

Which guidelines do we expect you to follow?

1) Readers:

We place more emphasis on giving our readers value and expertise, and we produce high-quality content at all costs.

The blogs should have all the technical details. The target audience is tech enthusiasts from all around the world.

Hence, keep it simple, but necessary and tech terminology should be used wherever required.

Your blog should tell a story and engage the reader, with every paragraph raising excitement for what will happen next.

Do not jump from one paragraph to another without providing clarity regarding each point.

We prefer articles that are :-

1) Simple

2) To the point

3) Engaging

2) Sources:

It is necessary for you to declare your sources, which will help our team in doing verification of any claims made by you. Sources include where you found the data, pictures, and quotes that were used in the article. 

It is vital for you to give proper credit if you use a picture clicked by someone else.

3) Format:

The article must have a natural flow to it.

The blog, throughout its course, should maintain a conversational and informal tone.

We recommend you divide the blog into brief paragraphs.

4) Original Content –

We at Techie Value encourage originality. We hold a zero tolerance policy against plagiarism. The blog should be original and not copied from another site.

You must be the article’s author. If we discover a copy of your piece online, in no case will we publish it on our site.

We value other people’s original work, and you should respect it too.

5) Word Count –

The word count should range from 1000 to 1500 words.

6) Content and Title –

The guest post article’s title and content must be pertinent to the blog category.

Prior to sending the content, you can also email the topic for confirmation. 

Please choose a title that is very catchy and creates curiosity in the minds of our readers. The average time for article review is 2-4 days. When the content is ready, we will send the  URL link.

7) Advertising –

Ensure that your guest blog post does not promote or market any related products or websites. There should be no promotional wording, and we do not accept sponsored tags.

Your articles can be submitted either as a Microsoft Word document or a .txt file. 

You can also email and share your ideas regarding what you would like to write for our readers.

What is “guest blogging”?

Guest blogging or posting refers to articles produced by others. 

It can be a blogger who writes content similar to your website.

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

1) You can establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in that field by freely imparting your knowledge to others. The challenge with writing for a new audience is that they probably won’t be familiar with you. There is a decent likelihood that you are an expert or very near to one in a subject if you are articulate and educated enough to write about it.

2) It is a fantastic approach to building credibility with individuals you meet to be able to say that you have been featured on Site A or Site C. Imagine the glory of being posted on our website, which has “techie value,” that is highly recommended in the technical field.

3) One of the most intriguing advantages of guest posting is that it can help you expand your social media following.

Being a writer, why should you choose us ?

  1. Badge of glory –

 If you write for us, you can rest assured that your content will be featured on our highly esteemed website – Techie value. Which definitely holds a lot of weight in the technical department. 

2) Will look great on your CV –

We provide recommendations to fellow professionals in the technological field. If your knowledge as a blogger would benefit us, we would definitely boast about you all over! It will bring glory to your name. 

3) Good source of income – 

Whether you are a part-time or full-time blogger, we will provide you with the best salary for the task that you have completed. Each blogger has a unique style and writes in a peculiar way. We appreciate such creativity in all aspects. Hence, the satisfaction of our writer is our top priority. We would definitely provide you with what you deserve! 

4) Will boost your experience and knowledge –

 In the process of writing a blog, our content writers boost their knowledge about the same topic or even multiple topics. Eventually, they become experts in the particular subject. This helps them achieve a huge name for themselves in this technological field, where “knowledge is power”! 

5) Freedom of expression –

We would never restrict you from writing or not writing something of your choice. As a writer, the pen is your weapon! We believe in using that weapon only to better the world. Hence, we will accept your piece with an open heart, knowing that what you have written is nothing but the most apt information. We provide our bloggers with all types of freedom — freedom of expression and freedom of speech — because we trust them immensely.

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