Techie Value is a technology website based in Florida, USA. It is built by a team of passionate tech lovers with the aim of bringing the best of technology, from news to product reviews.

Techie Value works with clients to provide services such as digital marketing, web design, web development, and blogger outreach services.

Techie Value was created with the aim of serving clients with a result-oriented mind set and to be the one-stop destination for all technological news and reviews.

Techie Value was founded by San, who has always been a tech enthusiast and has an awe-inspiring passion for the field of technology and science.

The 3 Principles About Techie Value :-

Pertinence : We believe in bringing all the relevant news from the world of technology right to its enthusiasts and readers.

Honesty : We review each product with the complete truth and authenticity regarding its quality.

Dedication : We are committed to keeping our readers and all technology lovers up to date, on all the buzz and news in the ever-changing world of technology.


At Techie Value, we believe in making technology easy to understand. Because, technology is a boon for the modern world. Each and every person must realise its value and use it for their benefit.

This website should be your ultimate destination for all your technology-related problems and news.

We have it all here! In one place!

Let’s embrace this boon of science and incorporate it into our lives.


Our aim is to be the preferred destination for news for all tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Our objective is to become a “one-stop solution” for everything related to technology.

When Technology comes to your mind, Techie Value is the place to be.


  • Comprehensive

When you approach us for any of our services, we believe in understanding your needs, identifying the problems and providing an overall solution to them.

  • Earnest

We work with the utmost sincerity and dedication on every project. We deliver the best possible results, in the committed time.

  • Amelioration

We strive to improve ourselves every day, which helps us win our client’s trust and serve them perfectly.

Why Do All Tech Enthusiasts Love “Techie Value”?

Technology enthusiasts admire our work for the brevity and clarity it portrays, making it an enjoyable reading experience.

We believe in accurate and objective news delivery, valuing our reader’s time.

We distinguish ourselves by providing honest feedback on products, especially in this market of paid and fake reviews. These USP’s make us our readers’ favourites.

What Do We Do?

We report accurate and relevant news from the world of technology and science.

We put forth authentic pieces of information related to technology, serving our readers with the absolute truth and helping them to make conscious decisions, which helps them in making the right investment in technology.

We also review products to save you the hassle. Thereby, leading to stress free, appropriate, thoroughly tested choices.

Our Editorial Team:-

Our Editorial Team comprises the most well-informed and knowledgeable technological minds from different parts of India.

Our Editorial team is synonymous with the phrase “ Living and Breathing Technology ”.

We deliver right from our heart and mind.

Our editorial team’s mission is to provide objective, well-informed, and insightful news to our readers.


 • Digital Marketing : 

We believe in creating a sustainable and customer-centric marketing strategy for our clients, which is essential for the growth of their business.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and build from scratch. We also provide a unique marketing plan to help them grow their business.

• Web development : 

Our team of professional web developers will create a website for your business based on your requirements. We will help in bringing your business from offline to online and differentiate your enterprise from other competitors. 

Blogger Outreach Service : 

Through our blogger outreach service, we can help your business grow by collaborating with relevant bloggers who have a strong and influential following. This is one of the best marketing and promotion strategies that has a great potential in the market.

Web Design : 

Our team of professional web designers, helps clients customise their websites as per their preferences and needs. We fulfill wishes by providing your dream site in the easiest way possible!

Why Choose Us?

1) We have a purpose and quality-driven approach towards our clients.

2) We believe in going the extra mile to serve our clients and in understanding their needs.

3) We have a realistic approach towards our services. With us, you get what you have been promised.

4) We have a track record of providing our clients with consistent quality and results.


  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence
  • Dedication
  • Perfection


We help deliver technology at your fingertips!

Go ahead and contact us for any of our services. Keep yourself updated with the latest technology related news and articles. Sign up for our newsletter to get timely updates from the world of technology. We believe in providing the best results to our clients.