How to Go Straight to Voicemail

Too many incoming calls are not allowing you to focus on your work or studies? Are calls or messages one of the reasons your sleep gets disrupted?

We are sure that you must be looking for a method to send calls directly to voicemail.

Too many incoming calls or calls from unknown numbers can lead to disturbance or make you lose your focus. Even spam or junk calls from any company can be a headache when you are busy with an important task. Therefore, there must be a way to ignore these calls for a while and get back to them after a certain period of time. Additionally, you won’t be totally avoiding them!

Hence, if you are looking for a method to forward calls directly to voicemail for the above reasons, you have come to the right place, as in this article we will explain to you the four ways in which you can send calls directly to voicemail.

How to send calls directly to voicemail ?

1) Airplane mode :-

By turning on aeroplane mode, you prevent your phone from connecting to Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular networks. As a result, you are unable to access the internet, make or receive phone calls, or send text messages.

Your calls will go straight to voicemail whenever aeroplane mode is enabled.

However, you can still use your phone to do things like click pictures, listen to music, write emails or text messages that need to be sent later, and play games. Basically, you can use anything that is not connected to the internet or a signal.

To check who has called you, you will need to switch on aeroplane mode and manually check this feature.

You can switch on aeroplane mode via settings or control center.

Hence, this is a useful method for sending your calls directly to voicemail.

2) DND :-

“Do Not Disturb” is a feature that is used to silence notifications without altering a device’s volume. Silencing only affects notifications. Notifications frequently do not activate the display or show up on the device’s lock screen.

A toggle can be found in a notification or shortcuts panel on devices with a Do Not Disturb mode. Most of them also allow for scheduling, which turns the mode on or off at predetermined times (like while you are sleeping).

“Do Not Disturb – DND ” feature disables notifications but does not prevent them from occurring. The event that would trigger a notification still happens and will be available for viewing at a later time in a notifications panel or the app that the notification was sent from.

You can enable DND via settings or the control center.

You can designate this in the feature’s settings to allow specific calls to go through while your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode:

Select “Settings” > “Do Not Disturb.” Permit Calls From :-

Choose :-

1) Everyone

2) No one

3) Favourite

Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and tap on the “moon icon” to enable this function.

3) Silence from unknown callers :-

Any incoming call from unlisted or unidentified numbers will be silenced (won’t ring) and routed to voicemail. However, the missed call and/or voicemail record will be visible in the iOS Recents and Calls list.

A caller with no caller ID will behave similarly to a caller who is not in your contacts when they try to contact you:

The call will go directly to voicemail if “Silence Unknown Callers” is enabled.

You can enable this feature by the following steps :-

Go to Settings on your iPhone, select “Phone”. Then go to the bottom of the phone settings page and choose “Silence Unknown Callers.”

4) Call forwarding :-

The ability to forward or redirect incoming calls to a different number — which could be a landline or a mobile phone number — is known as call forwarding. Users can choose to direct incoming calls to voicemails as well.

The people who call you directly in your mobile phone number will be connected straight to the destination when they dial your number, so they won’t be aware that the call is being forwarded.

Open settings > Select “Phone” > Tap “Call forwarding.”

Conclusion :-

You have now learned the four best ways to send calls straight to voicemail.

All the above techniques are verified by our tech experts.

Sending calls directly to voicemail is very useful when you are doing important work or following a digital detox. Sometimes, you need to ignore certain calls or messages for a while. It is extremely crucial to not lose your attention on something that requires your special attention, or even when you are sleeping!

Hence, we hope this blog will be able to solve your problem.

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