How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking: A Brief Guide with Images

How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking

Phone calls can be disturbing when you are at work, studying, or doing something important; or you want to avoid calls from a specific person but can’t block them.

Worry not, you have come to the right place, as in this blog we will discuss in detail how to stop calls without blocking.

Let’s get right into it.

Does “Do Not Disturb” Send Calls To Voicemail?

DND (Do Not disturb) mode routes calls to voicemail.

But what exactly is “Do not disturb”?

The Do not disturb mode disables the sound and vibration of:

a) Notifications

b) Incoming phone calls

c) Alerts

Brightening of mobile screens is also prevented.

What Is The Process To Enable Dnd Mode In An iPhone ?

Through the Control Centre :-

iPhone X and above –

From the top right corner of the home screen, swipe down.

This will open the “iPhone control center”.

Versions of the iPhone 8 and earlier –

To access the “Control Centre”:

 From your home button, “swipe up”.

 Once the “Control Centre” is open,

Tap on the “Half-moon” icon.

Via settings :-

The Process to Open DND via Settings is-

Step 1- Go to “Settings” 

Step 2- Choose “Do not Disturb”

How To Put Someone On Hold ?

To put someone on hold on an iPhone :

Tap on the mute button.

Hold it for a few seconds.

How To Put A Contact On Dnd Mode ?

Step 1- Open “Messages”

Step 2- On the upper right corner, there will be a “blue circle.”

There will be an “I” beside it.

Step 3- Toggle “Hide alerts” towards the right side.

Once this is done, tap on “Done.”

Hence, this will prevent any notification from the contact.

 Does “Call Forwarding” Mean “Blocked” ?

Call forwarding can be defined as a system which aids in the rerouting of incoming calls to a different phone number.

So, by the definition, it is understood that call forwarding does not mean blocking any number.

It is a system of rerouting calls.

Hence, call forwarding is not blocked.

Does Notifications Silenced Mean Blocked ?

You must have seen this message on iMessage “has notification silenced” and you must be wondering what it means.

This does not mean that you have been blocked, but this message is displayed when a user has one of the “Focus Mode” enabled.

The iPhone provides different focus mode profiles, such as –

a) Personal

b) Work

c) Sleep

d) Do not Disturb 

“Focus” blocks any notification an individual receives.

The aim of this feature is to inform the other person that they won’t be getting notification of this message because they have enabled “Focus Mode”.

How To Stop Someone From Calling You Without Blocking Them ?

The methods to prevent someone from calling you without blocking them are :

The First Method Is By Using “Airplane Mode” :

This method will prevent the calls as it blocks the network signal.

Airplane mode prevents the phone from getting connected to a cellular network and also Bluetooth.

When “aeroplane mode” is switched on, it shows the user is “out of coverage”.

Hence, it will prevent an individual from calling you.

Steps to activate Airplane mode:

Step 1: Open “Control Centre”

Step 2: You will find an “airplane” icon. Tap on it.

The Second Method Is Via “Call Forwarding” :-

As discussed above, call forwarding routes calls to an alternative phone number.

It effectively prevents calls on your iPhone, since calls are routed to a different phone number.

Steps to activate “Call forwarding” :

“Settings”->”Phone”->“Call forwarding”

Once you have selected this option, you can set up an alternative phone number to route all your calls to that number.

  1. You can also use DND mode. It will block the notification of an incoming call but not prevent other people from calling you.

Can You Block Calls But Not Texts ?

Once you block a specific contact, it will prevent that person from calling or texting you.

Blocking a contact results in a total cut-off in the form of communication with that specific person.

Whereas they can use any other app to message you, like Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. (if they haven’t been blocked from those social media applications as well).

Conclusion :-

We have seen methods to stop calls without blocking.

Using Airplane mode, call forwarding or DND can be helpful in stopping calls without blocking.

These methods will also help you concentrate better on your studies and work.

This can also be used when you are doing a digital detox.

We hope, after going through this blog, all your questions regarding outgoing calls have been answered.


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