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If you love using Snapchat then you may already know about Snapchat Streaks. Snapchat streaks show how strong your friendship is with your friends. Since Snapchat streaks are something you can control, you can have one of the longest Snapchat streaks all on your own. Unlike in Instagram and other social media platforms, where likes and followers are dependent on other people, it depends on you and your friends how long a Snapchat streak would be. And you get cool emojis for making long Snapchat streaks which is pretty fun. So, if you want to make your own Snapchat streaks with your friends longer, let’s learn how you can make the longest Snapchat streaks.  

What Is a Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat streak begins when two individuals start sending snaps to eachother . If you or your friend fail to send snaps one day after sending them consecutively for days, the streak gets broken. 

If you keep sending snaps to each other consecutively, your Snapchat streak keeps getting longer and longer. Since Snapchat doesn’t have any follower count, Snapchat streaks are a good way to make an estimation of how popular one is on the platform. One can also technically argue that your Snapchat streaks are a show of your friendship too as if a person is important enough to maintain a long Snapchat streak with, they probably are your friend. 

How To Begin a Snapchat Streak?

It is really easy to start a Snapchat streak with someone you know. 

To initiate a streak on snapchat :

Send a snap to your friend.

 When they reply back to you, you can send them another snap. If you two keep sending snaps to each other for three consecutive days, the Snapchat streak will begin and it will go on as long as you two keep sending snaps to each other every day. If you happen to miss a day after the streak has begun, it will be broken. Then you two will have to send each other Snaps for three more consecutive days and the Snapchat streak will begin again. 

Rules of Snapchat Streak

The rules of a streak are as follows :-

1) Two individuals should snap eachother everyday.

2) To maintain the streaks , minimum one snap should be sent from each side in 24 hours

When a Snapchat streak begins between you and your friend a fire icon appears next to your friend’s name and a number can be seen beside it. This number indicates the number of days the streak has been maintained. If you miss a day snapping with your friend, the streak will be broken and the number will disappear. But if you keep sending Snaps to each other for three more days, the streak will begin again but the number will now be three instead of the previous number. 

Snapchat Streak Emojis 

Once you start having streaks with an individual, emojis will start appearing beside their name.

. They may either indicate how long the streak has been going on like the 100 emoji or long it is for the streak to end like the hourglass emoji. 

When the streak starts you get a fire emoji next to your friend’s name. There are a couple of other emojis that may show up next to a person’s name which may indicate a variety of things. The smiling face emoji indicates that you two send each other a lot of snaps, but you two aren’t best friends yet. The best friend emoji is the yellow heart one, which basically means that you send most snaps to them and they send most snaps to you. 

If you maintain your best friendship with your friend for two straight weeks, you can get a red heart emoji. And when the best friendship continues for two straight months, the red heart turns into multiple pink hearts. 

What Is the Longest Snapchat Streak?

Well, if you want to set the record of the longest Snapchat streak you and your friend are going to have to beat Louis and Nicolas who has the longest Snapchat streak with a streak of 2398. According to the Techjunkie website, their Snapchat streak is the longest one as of December 2021. The streaks feature was introduced back in 2015, so we would say that it is a pretty impressive record. They would have to have maintained this Snapchat streak almost since the very start for it to be this long. 

Here are the list of Longest Snapchat Streak below

1.Collin te Wildt & Roos Huurdeman: 2451 July 3rd 2022

2.Rijdia  and Karen 1900:  July 3rd 2022

3.Steve & Kathy, 1636:  July, 2nd 2022

4.Jessica Hazlewood and Ben Hazlewood:  2125 July, 2nd 2022

5.Joe & Kassie, 2365: July, 2nd 2022

6.Ryan Pearlman & Joey Battoglia: 2440 July, 2nd 2022

7.Maggie Chittam and Jarrett McLin:  2297 July, 1st 2022

8.Josh & Laura, 1179: July, 1st 2022

9.Bruno González & Gianfranco Balao: 1473 June, 30th 2022)

10.Alexis Barrett & Kenya Jones: 1212 June, 30th 2022)

11.Amelia and Emily: 1337 June, 29th 2022

12.Colt K & Samy R: 1653 June, 29th 2022

13.Rene Lopez & Sammy Jimenez: 1564 June, 29th 2022

14.Rico and Ingrid: 2100 June, 28th 2022

15.Adil and Dharshaini: 1493 (June, 28th 2022

16.Graham Morrison & Cody Shepherd: 2175 June, 27th 2022

17.Mallory Mirque and Kylea Van Solkema: 2575 June, 26th 2022

18.Julio Palafox and Samantha Zermeno: 2360 June, 26th 2022

19.Emma Sofie and Amanda: 2107 June, 26th 2022

20.Kiela and Trej Bell: 2001 June, 25th 2022

If you would like to add your name to the above list, please contact at techievalue@gmail.com.

How To Get Your Snapchat Streak Back?

There is no way to get a streak back, once it has been broken.

In order to retrieve the streaks again, you will have to repeat the whole “streak-ing” process again.

 You can again begin a streak with the same person by just sending them snaps for 3 consecutive days. 

If you think the streak broke by mistake and you did send each other snaps within 24 hours, you can contact the Snapchat support team and they can help you with the recovery of your Snapchat streak. 

What Is the Snapchat Score?

A snapchat score is different from a Snapchat streak. While a streak is between you and your friend, your Snapchat score is your individual matric. Your Snapchat score is an indication of how active you are on your Snapchat. The longer you stay active on Snapchat sending and receiving Snaps, viewing discover videos, and viewing and posting stories the higher your Snapchat score will be. 

Your snapchat score is visible on your profile. You can even see the Snapchat scores of your friends by visiting their profiles. Once two individuals get consistent with their snaps , they are rewarded with charms 

Factors That Influence the Snapchat Score

A number of factors are taken into considerations when calculating your Snapchat score. When you are on Snapchat you may spend your time on the app by watching videos, sending and receiving snaps, and posting viewing stories. These factors affect snapchat score

The factors that generally determine and influence your Snapchat score are 

  • The number of friends you have
  • The number of stories you post and view on Snapchat
  • The number of Discover videos you watch on Snapchat

The more snaps you send and receive, it significantly change your snapchat score.

  • How many Snapchat streaks you have maintained 

All of these will determine how high your Snapchat score is. There may be more factors, but they haven’t been disclosed by Snapchat. 

How To Improve Your Snapchat Score

If you want to improve your Snapchat scores you can do a couple of things. How many snaps you send in a day,will play a key role in determining your snap score.

Since your score is a reflection of how active you are on the app, if you use the app regularly, your score will go up. 

While you use the app you can add more friends and try to begin and keep up streaks with them. Since Snapchat streaks help with your Snapchat score, adding more people and beginning streaks with them will help you improve your score. When you have long streaks that means you will send and receive snaps to and from each other regularly. 

Hence , these factors can play a key role in improving your snapchat score.

Trophies You Can Unlock with Your Snapchat Score 

If you were wondering why would anyone care about their Snapchat score, it is because when you had a high enough score you could unlock cool new trophies. These trophies acted like badges and you get different trophies for different Snapchat scores. 

It used to be that you would get a babyface trophy for 10 Snapchat scores and a star for 100 Snapchat scores and so on. There were about 40 trophies that you could unlock for various score milestones and other achievements. 

This trophy system, however, is no longer available on Snapchat and it has been replaced by the charms system. The more you and your friend’s Snapchat score increases, when it reaches a certain threshold, you will be awarded with score charm.  

Find Your Snapchat Score

You can see your Snapchat score when you click on your profile icon and look below your name and Avatar. The number that is displayed after this, is your Snapchat score

You can even check your friend’s score this way too. 

By clicking the profile icon on the top left corner of the phone screen, you can view your Snapchat score

. When you reach your profile just look below your Avatar, you will see your Snapchat score. 

To find out what your friend’s Snapchat score is, just click on your friends list on your profile. Then find the profile of the friend that you want to know the score of, click on their profile and look below their name and Avatar. 

In the above mentioned way, you can view any other person’s Snapchat score as well.

Why isn’t my snapchat score getting updated?

If you are fairly active on Snapchat and keep sending and receiving snaps from your friends your score should go up. But sometimes the score may fail to update even when you are fairly active on the app and constantly sending and receiving snaps to your friends. 

That’s because Snapchat scores do not always update instantly. You can’t just use the app for 15 minutes and then keep checking the score to see how much it has improved, that is not how it works. In some rare situations it may take upto a week  for the score to be updated.. Sometimes, the score may update instantly, but don’t expect it to do that all the time. 

If you want your score to increase and update, just be patient and stay active on the app. However, if you think the score is not updating at all, you can try uninstalling the application from your phone and reinstalling it again. Sometimes clearing the app cache may also help the score improve. 

Snapchat is a fun social media website and it is especially more fun if you have a ton of friends on it with who you have long Snapchat streaks. The streak system, special emojis, and charms make being active on the platform much more fun for the users.

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