How to See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Have you blocked someone after a disagreement?

Do you have concerns about receiving messages from  blocked contacts?

Or can you text the blocked number?

Or you are in a situation where you are asking yourself, “I blocked a number and they are still texting.”

Don’t worry, you have come to the right blog, as we will clear all your doubts here regarding these aspects.

Let’s get right into it.

Can you text someone you blocked on an iPhone ? 

Yes, you will be able to do that, but it will be of no use.

 This is because, since you have blocked that person, they will not receive your message.

 For the blocked individual to receive your message, it is necessary for you to unblock them.

 Hence, if you have blocked someone, it is no use messaging that blocked individual as they will not be able to receive your message.

Can you see if a blocked number has tried to contact you ?

No, if you have blocked a number, you can not see if they have tried to contact you or not.

 The purpose of blocking itself is to completely break contact between you and the other individual.

 So you won’t be able to know if the person who has blocked you has tried contacting you or not.

If you want to check if the blocked person has contacted you, you will need to unblock them. 

If You unblock someone, do you get their texts ? 

Yes, when you unblock a blocked contact, you will receive their texts as the communication which was cut off due to being blocked is now restored.

 Hence, you will get their texts once the individual is unblocked.

How to see missed calls from blocked numbers ?

 Is there any way to see iPhone missed call notifications from blocked numbers? 

No, unfortunately, this is not possible.

You will not see missed calls from those you have blocked in your call history.

 There is no such option on the iPhone which allows you to do that.

When an individual is blocked, their name will not appear in the missed call history.

The only way you will be able to see their missed call notification is by unblocking that person.

 Hence, that is the only method to see missed calls from an individual who is blocked.

 There is no other method or way around it.

 A person whom you have blocked, will not be able to call or message you in any form.

Steps to unblock the contact :

 Step 1: Open the “Phone” app.

 Step 2: Go to “Contact”.

Step 3: Locate the blocked contact.

 Step 4: Tap on “Unblock this caller”.

Why am I still getting texts from blocked numbers ?

 A possible reason as to why you must be getting the message is that you might not have blocked them on the messaging app.

You may have blocked them for calls and not messages.

Another reason might be that you are receiving the messages from an Apple ID.

To solve this problem :

Step 1 – Go to the conversation with the blocked individual.

Step2 – Tap on their name.

Step 3 – Tap “block this number” at the bottom.

This might be one of the reasons for getting messages even after blocking the specific contact.

Will you get missed call notifications after blocking a contact ?

No, you will not get a notification that the blocked contact has tried to call you.

Irrespective of the times they try to contact you, there will be no notification as this is the main aim of blocking, to break a complete connection.

 The only way you will get a missed call notification on your iPhone will be by unblocking the contact.

That is the only way around it.

What happens when a person you have blocked tries to text or call you ?

 When a person you have blocked tries to text or call you :

1) A message from a blocked contact will not be delivered to you.

2) “Delivered” will not be stated when the blocked individual tries to text you.

3) The call will be routed to your voicemail if the person tries to call you.

4) It will appear to them that your phone is switched off.

5) You will need to tap on “Blocked messages” to view the voicemails from a blocked individual.

 Conclusion :-

After reading the blog, it must be clear to you that a blocked person will not be able to reach you.

In order to completely detach from a person, we end up blocking him or her.

Henceforth, the blocked individual will not be able to contact you in any way – neither through texts nor calls.

I hope all your questions regarding blocking someone on an iPhone were answered.

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