No Location Found Vs No Location Available: What Does it Mean?

No Location Found Vs No Location Available


Smartphones, such as the iPhone, have become an essential part of our daily lives in this age of advanced mobile technology. Location services, which allow us to travel, identify nearby destinations, and access location-based applications, are one of the elements that enrich our smartphone experience. However, receiving the notifications “iPhone no location found” and “iPhone no location available” can be inconvenient. This blog provides the various reasons for this problem and suggests troubleshooting strategies to resolve it.

The primary and most typical cause of your iPhone’s inability to establish your location is because your device’s GPS or location services are turned off. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure the toggle switch is set on. If it’s turned off, turn it back on and try again. Also, ensure that the location services for the app you’re using are turned on. You may check this by navigating to 

Step 1) Settings 

Step 2) Privacy 

Step 3) Location Services 

Step 4) Choosing the relevant app

Another reason your iPhone may be unable to establish your location is because it does not have a clear view of the sky or enough GPS signals to do so. Buildings, trees, and other barriers can block GPS signals, so if you are indoors or in an area with a lot of obstructions, try going to a more open area and checking whether your location is recognised. Furthermore, if you are in a region with poor cell phone reception, the accuracy of your iPhone’s location services may suffer.

Another reason could be a problem with your iPhone’s software or hardware that is preventing it from establishing your position accurately.

Aeroplane mode on your iPhone eliminates all wireless communications, including GPS; hence, make sure it is turned off.

How do I fix “No Location Found Vs No Location Available” issue?

Check that your internet connection is stable, as this is necessary for accurate location data.

Ascertain that you are in a location with a good view of the sky and that there are no obstacles blocking GPS signals.

Check that your iPhone’s location services are enabled. 

Step 1) Settings 

Step 2) Privacy 

Step 3) Location Services 

Step 4) toggle the toggle switch on.

Step 5) Start up your iPhone again. Restarting your device can sometimes help address issues with location services.

Causes of the iPhone location not being found :-

1) The most common cause of the “iPhone no location found” message is the disabling of location services. Users may mistakenly disable these services, preventing the iPhone from accurately determining its location by obtaining GPS data. The first step in addressing this issue is to ensure that location services are enabled.

2) Software bugs or hardware issues can potentially impede an iPhone’s ability to locate itself. These problems can be caused by out-of-date operating systems, incorrect system files, or defective GPS components. Such issues are frequently resolved by restarting the device or updating to the most recent iOS version.

3) The iPhone may fail to acquire a strong GPS signal in some scenarios, such as being indoors or in densely populated regions. As a result, location information may be erroneous or unavailable. Moving to a more open area or near a window will help increase GPS reception and address the problem.

How do I fix this issue?

1) Many location-based services require an active internet connection to retrieve GPS data. Check that your iPhone is connected to the internet, whether via cellular data or Wi-Fi.

2) To see if location services are enabled, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone, go to “Privacy,” then “Location Services.” Make sure the toggle switch is switched on. You may also tailor the location permissions for particular apps to your tastes.

3) Outdated software can cause a variety of issues, including location-related problems. Check that the operating system and all necessary applications on your iPhone are up-to-date. Bug fixes and improvements to location services are frequently included in software updates.

4) Some applications may have their own location settings in the app menus. Check the settings of each app to ensure that they have permission to access your location data. If you discover any inconsistencies, modify the permissions accordingly.

5) Resetting your iPhone’s network settings can assist in resolving network connectivity issues, which can have an indirect impact on location services. To do this reset, go to “Settings,” then “General,” “Reset,” and “Reset Network Settings.” Remember that this step may delete any saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords, so you may need to rejoin networks afterwards.

Difference between iPhone location not found and iPhone location not available :-

“Iphone: no location found” This warning is frequently displayed when your iPhone cannot establish its current position

“iPhone no location available”This warning occurs when your iPhone cannot access any location data at the time.

The message “iPhone no location found” refers to the device’s inability to determine its location owing to variables like GPS settings, signal challenges, or software or hardware faults. “iPhone no location available,” on the other hand, often implies a temporary lack of location data owing to a lack of internet connection, service outages, or restricted access.


The “iPhone no location found” and “iPhone location not available” error messages might be aggravating for users who rely on their device’s location-based capabilities. Users can often resolve this issue and resume using their iPhone to its full extent by checking location services and app permissions, increasing GPS signal, and waiting for any service outages to be resolved.


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