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Wondering “how to open clipboard on iPhone 6 – 13”!

Having doubts regarding clipboard on iPhone as to – where is the clipboard on my iPhone ? And what exactly is a “clipboard”?

We will discuss in detail the iPhone clipboard and the way to clear it.

This blog will briefly discuss clipboards.

So let’s get right into the blog and clear up all your doubts.

What is the clipboard on iPhone ?

In simple terms, the clipboard is used to store content, e.g. text, links, by the user temporarily.

A user can then paste this content across different apps.

Where is the clipboard on my iphone?

Let’s Answer the Question “where is my clipboard on my iphone?”, A phone running on the Android OS has a clipboard that is viewable, whereas the iPhone doesn’t have a viewable clipboard.

The iPhone has an internal clipboard.

Whenever you copy something, it is stored in the iPhone’s internal clipboard.

This internal clipboard stores all the things an individual copies temporarily.

Once you paste it and copy something else, it will overwrite it.

This clipboard is internal memory, so a user has no access to it.

So there is no app by default that allows you to access the IOS clipboard.

How to access clipboard on an iPhone?

After reading the preceding information, you’re probably wondering how to get to the clipboard on an iPhone.

Is there a way to open the clipboard on the iPhone?

Yes, there are ways to help you access the clipboard on your iPhone.

There are unconventional methods:

  1. Using a shortcut:-

Step 1-Search for a shortcut

Step 2-Tap on “Gallery”

Step3-Type “Adjust clipboard”

Step 4-Tap “Add shortcut”

You can access your clipboard right here, after creating this shortcut.

This can be used to edit clipboard content.

You can also create this shortcut by using Siri.

This voice command will generate the shortcut.

  1. Via Notes-

The notes application on the iPhone can also be used to access the clipboard.

The process of accessing the iPhone clipboard via Notes:

Step 1-Tap on “Notes application”

Step2-On the bottom right, tap on “Create note.”

Step 3-Once this is done, keep the notes app running in the background.

Step 4-link/content in the new note

You can use apps like :

  • Apple notes 
  • Google Keep
  • Evernote 

Once you have saved it, you will be able to access the clipboard content.

This is a manual process.

  1. Via third party app-

There are many third-party apps which can be helpful in saving all the content.

This third app automatically stores all your copied content automatically, unlike the second method, which has to be done manually.

Because of the privacy restrictions of the IOS operating system, the user needs to open the app.

Once you open these apps, they will automatically copy the content.

Recommended third-party clipboard apps are:


Steps to using the Clipboard app:

Step 1-Copy the content.

Step 2-Open the “Clipboard “ app.

Step 3-Select the “clipboard” option on the bottom right corner.

The copied content will be saved automatically.

Clipboard clapper-

This is another third-party app that can aid you in accessing the clipboard on your iPhone.

In this app, to access the clipboard

Step1-Press “clipboard”

Step 2-Tap “Copy”


Oneboard is an excellent app which can be used to copy the content automatically.


Clip+ is another app that will automatically store all the copied content.

It also identifies the type of content an individual is copying.

There are many other apps like this:

• Copied

• Paste

• Anybuffer

  • Snip notes

Third-party apps make it very convenient to save all your clipboards in one place.

You can save, edit, and access the keyboards all in one place.

  1. Via Swift key-

SwiftKey is a third-party keyboard developed by Microsoft.

This keyboard has the feature of a built-in “clipboard manager.”

Steps to use Swift key to access the clipboard for iPhone-

•Setup “Swift key”

• Go to “Settings”

• Select “Standard Keyboards”

•Tap “ Keyboards”

• Install a new keyboard

•Tap on “SwiftKey” and grant “full access”

• Open notes and long press the “globe”  icon.

• After that, you should change the iPhone’s keyboard to the Swift key.

• Make a copy of the content of your choice.

• Click the (+) button.

• Select “clipboard”

• After clicking “save,” you will be able to access the clipboard.

You can choose the most appropriate procedure out of the above mentioned methods.

All the above procedures are genuine and authentic.

How to clear the clipboard on iPhone ?

It is important to clear the clipboard when personal or sensitive information is copied by the user.

The clipboard of an iPhone can be cleared easily.

If you copy some other link, the previous copied content can not be found.

To clear the clipboard-

In the notes app, or any messaging app, simply type and copy the punctuation marks.

This will remove any previously copied content.

If you restart the device, it will automatically clear the clipboard.

So it’s not feasible for users to access the keyboard.

The iPhone clipboard is “invisible,” which means the user has no access to it by default.

The clipboard is stored in “virtual memory” rather than “system storage.”

Does iPhone have  a default clipboard app ?

No, the iPhone does not have a default clipboard app.

It stores the copied content on virtual memory.

How to find clipboard copy history ?

By default, since the clipboard stores only one copied content at a time, it is not possible to access the history.

You will need to make use of third party apps which store all the copied content or manually copy everything in the notes app.

Conclusion :-

After reading this blog, you are well aware of how to find a clipboard for an iPhone.

As you have read, unconventional methods are required to access the clipboard on the iPhone.

Using the methods discussed above, you can easily access your clipboard as well as maintain a history of your copied content.

The clipboard on the iPhone is not visible, and hence such methods are required to access it; otherwise, it is not possible to access the clipboard.

The clipboard is one of the most useful and important features on an iPhone.

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