How to Make Stuff in Little Alchemy

Are you new to Little Alchemy?

Don’t know how to play?

You have knocked on the right door. This blog will answer all your questions regarding Little Alchemy.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to playing alchemy. You will get a clear picture about this game right away.

What is little alchemy?

Little Alchemy is an online game in which a user is given four elements: a) earth, b) fire, c) water, and d) air.

A user has to make a world using these 4 elements in the beginning.

As the game progresses, a player can mix two elements to make more objects.

In this game, a player can create chemical reactions. A Little Alchemy contains 560 elements, and a player has to find all of them.

The creator of Little Alchemy is Recloak.

It is a game studio located in Poland.

A guide to making elements in little alchemy :-

At the beginning, a player has only 4 elements, which are :-

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air

In order to play, you need to combine the elements in the following way :

You will need two elements to make an object.

1) The elements on the left side have to be moved onto the screen.

2) From the sidebar, drag the second element.

This will create an object.

How to play Little Alchemy ?

1)Choose an element –

If you are just beginning to play this little alchemy game, you will have to begin with 4 elements.

2) Move the element.

3) Merge two elements.

If you are stuck in the game, in the top right corner, there is an “Are you stuck, need a hint” option.

It will guide you to get ahead in the game.

To save all your achievements, you have to sign up.

How to check achievements in little alchemy ?

Click on the three line icon.

This icon is below the “recycle” icon.

You will find three options after you click on the icon :

“Home “ “Settings” “Achievements”.

Select “Achievements”.

Objects you can make from the 4 basic elements :

  • Combination of earth and water =Lava
  • Combination of air and fire =Energy 
  • Combination of fire and water =Steam
  • Combination of  earth and air  =Dust 
  • Combination of earth and water =Mud
  • Combination of air and water =Rain
  • Combination of waters =Sea
  • Combination of two air or two earth =Pressure 

Items you can make as you progress in this game :

  • Combination of 2 plants : Garden 
  • Combination of fire and mud: Brick 
  • Combination of earth and rain: Plant 
  • Combination of earth and energy : Earthquake
  • Combination of steam and air : Cloud
  • Combination of 2 bricks: Wall
  • Combination of 2 rain: flood
  • Combination of sand and glass: Hourglass
  • Combination of cloud and air :Sky
  • Combination of grass and water: Dew
  • Combination of lava and water :Stone 
  • Combination of fire and mud :Brick
  • Combination of wheel and metal: Car
  • Combination of fire and wood : Campfire
  • Combination of sugar and Christmas tree: Candy Came
  • Combination of  2 cars : Bus
  • Combination of  wheel and wood : Cart
  • Combination of airplane and robot :Drone
  • Combination of garden and water :Pond 
  • Combination of sky and fire : Sun
  • Combination of sky and stone :Moon
  • Combination of  sun and moon : Eclipse
  • Combination of earth and life : Human
  • Combination of human and house : Family
  • Combination of wind and energy: Hurricane 

Here we have discussed a few combinations as a guide for you.

Keep combining elements to make more objects.

Conclusion :-

Little Alchemy is a unique game that can be enjoyed by all age groups. All the rules are easy and precise, which will keep you hooked to the game !

Hence, do not waste any time from now on. Go and play this game and complete all the combinations. 

Play a great game and enjoy every adventure of it !


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