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Snapchat has been rated as the most attractive app among teenagers these days. It has several mind-boggling features, which add to its uniqueness. 

It not only grabs users’ attention, but it also keeps them captivated for a while.

Snapchat has a multitude of filters, various streak options, bitmoji, a maps option, as well as games. Hence, this app has been a top-lister in recent years. One of its characteristics is “snap scoring.” Let us enlighten you about this feature of Snapchat!

What is a snap score?

Snap score is a way to gauge your activity on the app.

The activity increases as the score rises.

Although it has no practical value, it is definitely very entertaining to see who uses Snapchat more frequently in your friend list. 

The score can be viewed for precisely this reason.

What are the factors that affect the snap score?

The following factors affect your snap score :-

  • Messages and Stories you have sent and received on Snapchat.
  • New videos that you have seen or posted.
  • Higher Snap scores result from more friends.
  • The streaks that you maintain with your friends.
  • If you send snaps to numerous recipients at once, you will get a benefit in the form of a stimulated snap score. Besides this, your snap score will increase if you continue to send snaps to your fellow pals in order to keep up the Snapchat streaks. Snapchat has not yet disclosed the exact formula to determine the snap scores.

How do you check your snap score?

Step 1 – The Snapchat application must be opened.

Step 2 – Tap on your “Bitmoji.”

Step 3 – You can find your personal Snap Score next to your name and avatar.

How do you check your friends’ Snap Score?

Step 1 – The Snapchat application must be launched.

In order to continue, you must tap the icon for your profile in the upper-left corner.

Step 2 – After this, scroll down and select “My Friends.”

Step 3 – Tap on your friends’ “Bitmoji.”

Step 4 – The Snap score is listed next to the person’s name and avatar.

What is the Highest Snap Score?

As of 2023, The highest snap score is 320 million. These are claimed by @mustbecris.

This has been the highest snap score ever.

Owing to this high score, @Mustbecris has earned the title of the world’s highest snap score ever.

Cris-thisguy, who has a snap score of 250 million, is right after @mustbecris, who has the highest snap score in the world. Please follow the image below to know the third highest snap score holder

1.Mustbecris320 million
2.Cris-thisguy250 million
3.Dion-19237 million 
4.Michaelmendieta30 million
5.Michae86l29.6 million
6.Ciqlo26.6 million
7.Gpierson_2020 million
8.Daydrunks20 million
9.Humalajokii15 million
10.Noah Rittle13.6 million

How can I increase my snap score?

  • You should send more snaps –

The most famous method of boosting your snap score is by sending numerous snaps to your friends. 

  • Keep updating your story –

By publishing your Snapchat stories through your snaps, you can raise your Snapchat score. 

  • How to post a story on Snapchat

Step 1: Open “Snapchat.”

Step 2: Press the “Shutter” icon.

Step 3: Select the “Story” icon, placed on the bottom left side of the screen.

Step 4: Tap “Add” in the dialog box.

  • Adding many friends –

You can improve your snap score by simply adding as many of your friends as possible, who use Snapchat, directly to your friend list.

How to Add Friends on Snapchat

Step 1: Open “Snapchat.”

Step 2: Select the “+” icon located at the top right side of the screen.

You can add friends on Snapchat via:

1)Quick Add

2) All contacts

3) Tap on the “search icon” to add manually.

  • Receive snaps –

Receiving a snap is a good way to stimulate your snap score. Just like sending a snap to your friends, this works in a similar way.

  • Maintain streaks regularly –

Streaks are the cycles of snaps that involve sending and receiving snaps on a daily basis without any pause. This helps to boost your Snapchat score.

Conclusion :-

Snapchat is the most fun way to communicate with your friends these days. Right from maintaining streaks to watching each other’s snaps, it is the best source of entertainment among youngsters currently. Who has the highest Snapchat score? Who posted a story recently? Who sent Snaps to you? Where is your friend? All such types of interesting questions are answered on Snapchat itself. If you start snapchatting your friends today, we assure you that you will love it by the end of the week. It is highly addictive as well as interesting, so it will continue to grab your attention. Thereby, we suggest you start streaks with your friends as soon as possible and do not forget to compare who has the highest snap score. Happy Snapchatting!

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