How to Share Wordle on Facebook

Started playing wordle?

Want to share your results on Facebook?

 Don’t know how to post a wordle to Facebook?

You have come to the right place, as in this blog we will discuss in detail how to share wordle on Facebook.

Let’s get right into the blog.

What is a wordle ?

A Wordle is a word game in which a player has to guess the correct word. This game is played online.

It was developed by Josh Wardle.

Each player gets 6 attempts to guess the correct word.

What differentiates Wordle from the other word games ?

1) One word per day

2) All other players have the same word to find.

3) The answer can be shared on social media, without spoiling the fun of the answer.

How does this game work ?

Go to

Each day a new word will be given.

Each user will have six attempts to find the correct word.

There is a virtual keyboard with letters from which you have to guess the correct word.

The wordle game has 3 coloured tiles.

Green, yellow and grey.

  • If you guess the correct position, it will be denoted by “green”.
  • The letter “yellow” denotes that the position is wrong, but the letter is a part of the word.
  • Grey indicates that letter you have entered is wrong and has no match with the correct word.

Letters can be repeated and are not in plural form.

Once you have guessed the word, tap “enter.”

These 3 tiles will aid in providing feedback to you, whether you are on the right path or not.

Wordle also has a “hard” mode.

You start the game like you normally do by guessing the word, but when hard mode is turned on, it will restrict the guesses.

For example, you put the word “CHECK”.

Three letters, “E”, “C”, and “K” get yellow tiles, so in your next guess these 3 letters have to be included.

Wordle streaks:-

Wordle  keeps track of how many correct words you have guessed for consecutive days.

A streak represents the number of days an individual correctly guesses the right word.

If you don’t play for a day, the streak will be broken.

Another important thing to note is that streaks are tracked only on a single device.

If you have a streak on your laptop, you will have to maintain it on your laptop. If you switch to mobile, the streak will reset.

How to share a wordle ?

Process to share wordle results :-

After you have successfully found the word, it will lead to a pop-up of “Statistics result”.

Tap “share,” which is situated at the bottom left side.

You will see a list of apps. Choose the Facebook app.

Tap “NEXT”

Choose “Share “Option

If you don’t have a Facebook app, follow these steps :

Click on the share option.

Select “Copy.”

How to Share Wordle Results on Facebook or Any Other App on PC or Phone

Log in with your Facebook credentials if required.

You will see “what’s on your mind.”

Paste the word there.

Does Wordle have an IOS or Android app ?

No, Wordle does not have any mobile apps.

Understanding the wordle grid :-

In wordle Facebook posts, you may have seen the grid written as “Wordle 211”.

The number 211 represents the game or puzzle number.

The share button allows you to post a grid.

This grid is basically the path you took to reach the answer, but it does not give any hints or spoilers.

The grid is a great way for users to compare their paths to the right word.

Can cheating take place in words ?

Yes, but it is not advised to do so.

You can open Wordle on an incognito tab, guess the word and use as many chances as you like.

Once you have guessed the right word, close the incognito tab.

Open a normal browser and type in the right word.

Why is Wordle so addictive ?

This is because wordle uses “the principal of scarcity”.

It is basic human psychology that when a thing has less supply, individuals want more of it.

Wordle allows its users to think about new strategies, discuss the word with peers and friends and remain curious about what will happen next with just one word per day.

The grid of words, which is shared on social media, arouses curiosity and will definitely intrigue the minds of the users.

Wordle share failed :-

Wordle fails for two reasons :

  1. You might have an ad blocker turned on, which prevents the wordle from being copied.

Disabling ad block will solve this problem.

  1. One of the reasons wordle share failed was saved cookies for NYT (New York Times) subscribers.

Clearing these cookies can easily solve this problem.

 Conclusion :-

We have discussed the sharing of wordle posts on Facebook in detail.

You now understand how to share the Wordle result on Facebook.

Sharing is an integral part of the wordle game, which creates excitement among users.

Don’t forget to post and share your wordle results with your friends.


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