How To Make Your Nickname Invisible in PUBG Mobile

When it launched on PC, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) became a genre-defining battle royale game. PUBG Studios decided to branch out into the mobile market after the game’s rousing success in the PC landscape. 

The mobile counterpart was developed by LightSpeed and Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games. At the time of its launch, only Free Fire was there to give it some reasonable competition but that didn’t last very long. 

PUBG Mobile became a global juggernaut due to its addictive gameplay and remarkable visuals on mobile devices. The social interaction options presented were unheard of in this space. 

As such it is imperative for you to make a lasting impression on the people you encounter in the game and that is why we’re here. I’ll show you how to make your nickname invisible in PUBG Mobile to look cool and edgy in front of your PUBG friends and enemies.

Tricks To Create Blank Names in PUBG Mobile

  1. By Using Special Characters in Game

The fastest way of making your nickname invisible on your PUBG profile is by using special characters available on your phone’s keypad. Unfortunately, this trick is not without its flaws like being limited in what special characters you could use.

Use the special characters mentioned below to create invisible nicknames in-game:

ū, ī, ō, Ė, ē, ・

More characters create this effect but for the sake of simplicity, I’m mentioning this lot. I would suggest you experiment with these special characters to create the best invisible nickname. Don’t confirm any nickname before satisfying your heart as nicknames confirmed are not reversible without costing you money (More on that later).

  1. By Using Unicode Characters

Unicode characters are not only an effective way of creating invisible nicknames but also have fun applications for various uses. They are your ticket to set yourself apart not just in PUBG mobile but elsewhere too like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

You can check the list of invisible Unicode characters here. You can count on Compart to provide you with these Unicode characters along with their backgrounds in case, you’re interested to know like this:

I used the braille pattern blank (U+2800) for this demonstration.

Some slights I have against this trick is that first, it may take a while for you to realize where to copy the character from (it’s by double-tapping on the box above the name section). 

Second, as specified by the list, you may want to use different Unicode characters but they’re not readily available in a list format on this platform. You have to type each individual Unicode to copy it and that will take some time. I can personally attest to it; Gamers hate wasting time outside of games.

  1. By Using Online Invisible Text Generators

On the flip side, online invisible text generator are easy to use. No beating around the bush, simply copy the invisible characters from these tools and paste them into the game. A bit on the basic side but it gets the job done. 

If you’re looking for a generator that allows both automatic and manual copying of invisible characters that you can verify within the tool, then look no further.

What assures me that this is the right generator is that it allows you to instantly test the invisible character copy paste methods. Other tools are a bit behind the curve on this feature. Use this top-tier generator to generate invisible names automatically or physically for PUBG Mobile without hassle.

Special Mention

One thing to keep in mind is that these tricks won’t work if you’ve chosen your nickname already. Rename cards allow you to rewrite your nickname. It is a one-time-use item that expires after its use.

Methods of obtaining this card are the following:

  • Completing Crew Challenges
  • Completing Missions
  • Buying Them For 180 UC

UC is PUBG Mobile’s exclusive currency that can be bought using real-life money. The point of bringing this up is to remind you to be careful when choosing your nickname as it will cost you later to change it.

Winner, Winner Conclusion

Gaming nicknames are a major part of your personality in the gaming world. Like judging a book by its cover, gamers judge you based on your gaming nickname. Most squads in PUBG have a unique way of writing their nicknames. This shows how elemental nicknames are in crafting your image to the world as you want them to perceive it.

Use our tricks to frazzle your opponents in combat with invisible nicknames or shock your friends when they receive messages from the blank names (classic). You can use them to elevate your squad’s PR. Whatever the case, the gaming world can always use unique nicknames to dazzle the spectators.


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