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It’s becoming more rare to listen to game audio from a TV or from external speakers. Nowadays with the popularity and competitiveness of gaming, headsets are vital if you want to compete with the best. 

Heck, even if you’re a casual, the goal is to become fully immersed in the game you’re playing to take your mind off the stress of everyday life. But I’m fully aware that everyone can’t afford a $300 pair of gaming headsets

Luckily there are quite a few methods you can take to improve the sound quality of your headphones. In this post, we’ll take a look at 5 ways to improve your sound quality so you don’t have to buy new headsets. 

Adjust EQ 

When it comes to gaming, some titles like Call of Duty: Warzone basically require players to change their EQ setting to hear footsteps. Then there are other games like God of War, in which players try to find the most immersive-sounding EQ settings possible. 

Either way, adjusting the equalization (EQ) settings can enhance the sound where it’s lacking.

EQ allows users to change the balance of different frequency ranges of the audio. Generally, changing the mid-tones can help clarity in dialogue and overall game sounds. 

Changing the bass can make a game sound more cinematic and immersive. Also, for cheap headsets, the bass is usually weaker, and boosting it can help the thinning sound you get from a weak bass. 

There are plenty of YouTube videos and articles that can help you adjust your equalization settings for the best audio for the games you play. I should probably mention, you might need to make multiple EQ profiles so you can switch them depending on the game you are playing. 

Change Earpads

Most gamers wouldn’t even think changing their earpads would have a drastic effect on the sound quality of their gaming headphones. And I’m not talking about simply replacing the earpads because the old ones are dirty and worn out. 

I’m talking about the material of the ear muffs will have a huge change in the audio.

For example, leather and mesh earpads are among the most common types found in gaming headsets. Each has its own benefits but when it comes to leather pads. They are thicker and more denser, allowing for a more immersive sound. This is because it helps block out external noise giving the headset more noise isolation. 

Also, because the material is denser, it helps to improve the bass response of the headphones by having a better seal around the ear which prevents the sound from leaking. 

On the contrary, mesh earpads are thinner and more porous. They are more suited for long gaming sessions because the material is more breathable. And since the seal is less than leather pads, the bass is typically weaker but the treble response is better, 

So next time you purchase a pair of headsets or looking to swap out your current earpads, keep in mind the material used. There are more types than just leather and mesh but what’s best depends on your needs and preferences. 

Use an AMP/DAC

One of the easiest ways to improve sound quality is to use an AMP (amplifier) or DAC (digital-to-analog converter). 

An amp can help by boosting the sound of your headsets. It’s not the same as changing the EQ because, with EQ, you have a lot more control. But if your headsets lack overall sound, then an amp will make everything a lot louder. 

DACs will convert digital audio signals from your pc or console into analog signals that will be picked up by your headset. Most headsets have this feature already but that doesn’t mean it’s of the best quality. 

So using a DAC can and will get better sound quality out of cheap gaming headsets. But remember, just like your headset, not all DACs and AMPs are created equal. 

Clean and Plug-in jack

It should be common sense that dirty components can affect the signal of any gaming peripheral. When sweat, dirt, and debris build up on your headset and in the port, it can distort your audio. 

As mentioned before, headsets earpads have a certain seal that makes different sounds clearer. When it gets dirty, it can cause unwanted sound leakage and will make the audio weaker. 

The same goes for the port where your 3.5mm jack is plugged into. This can really distort the audio if it’s not cleaned and maintained. Also, if you don’t take care of your headphones, you will damage the parts over time making it more likely to buy new headsets. 

Buy New Headsets

I hate to be the person to point out the required action but sometimes this is the only option. Buying a new pair of headsets may be worth the investment. And it might be worth taking more time to purchase a more quality and expensive pair of gaming headphones. 

Usually, at the higher end of gaming headsets, gamers don’t have to deal with a lot of problems described in this article. Most of the headsets have these features and dedicated software for them. 

Not to mention a lot of high-end headsets have swappable parts like the Astros A40. These headsets allow gamers to change their mic, 3.5mm cord, earpads, and headband whenever a part gets damaged. Over a lifetime it will be cheaper than purchasing new headsets every time a cord breaks or something gets damaged. Just simply buy the part you need and keep gaming.


It’s not always convenient or affordable to buy the best gaming headset available but there are plenty of ways to improve the sound of what you have. Even if you have a cheaper model headset, you don’t have to be stuck with the mediocrity of poor-quality parts. On the other hand, if you can muster enough money, a high-end gaming headset will take a lot of headaches away in the future. So whatever your situation, you have plenty of options to improve the sound quality of your gaming experience


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