security policy prevents use of camera

You are about to take a picture when the message “security policy prevents the usage of camera” appears in the camera app.

You have come to the right place if you are having this issue.

In the article, we go over how to deal with the security policy that prevents use of camera Samsung/Android devices.

Let’s go right into the blog!

What causes security policy prevents use of camera ?

It is crucial to comprehend the potential sources of the mistake before attempting to remedy it. The error message reveals that a security procedure is stopping the camera from operating. This indicates that the camera is no longer functional since a third-party programme has received security policy rights. Another explanation for this problem could be corrupted camera app data or the programme itself.

How to fix security policy prevents use of camera?

1) Safe Mode –

In some cases, malicious apps can infiltrate your device and stop your camera from working. This is where Samsung Safe Mode comes into play.

The operating system turns off all third-party apps in safe mode. Your camera will function in safe mode if these apps are interfering with it.

Step 1 : Hold down the device’s power button while waiting for the power-off menu to display.

Step 2 : Long press the power off.

Step 3: Tap “Safe Mode.”

This will reboot the device and make all third-party applications inaccessible.

Use the camera app in safe mode.

2) Clear the cache –

Developer options must be enabled on your system to clear your device’s camera data. To do this, follow the steps in this article.

Once developer options are enabled, you can clear your camera data by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the device settings.

Step 2: Select “About phone”

Step 3: Once you find “About phone,” select “Software Information.”

Step 2: Once this step is done, enter your password and then click on “Build number” seven times.

Once this process is done, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Tap “Settings”, then click “apps.”

Step 2: Select “Camera.”

Step 3: Go to storage.

Step 4: Clear Data and Clear Cache

Go back to the camera app info and click Permissions. If you haven’t enabled all permissions, make sure the app has all permissions.

Restart your device after following the aforementioned instructions, and the camera app ought to appear.

3) Factory reset –

The first step is to select “Settings.”

The second step is to select “General Management” by scrolling down.

In the third step, tap “Reset.”

In the fourth step, click “Factory data reset.”

Make sure you have a backup of all your data on your local computer so you can backup all of your information again before you factory reset your device.

4) Latest OS version –

If your phone is running an older operating system, there is no limit to the issues that may occur until it is updated. For example, updating your phone can get rid of the error “Your security policy prohibits the use of your camera.”

Update your device by going to –

Step 1: Select “Settings.”

Step 2: Choose “Software Update.”

Step 3: Once this step is done, tap “Check for Updates” and follow the download and installation instructions if necessary.

5) Disabling the sensor –

Access the quick menu from the home screen to disable or enable sensors on your device.

To begin with, follow the given steps 

Step 1: Follow the above-given method to access “Developer Options.”

Step 2: Now, tap “Quick Settings Developer Tiles.”

Step 3: Choose “Sensors Off”

Restart your device after the installation is finished to check if the error has been resolved.

6) Disabling the camera in Secure WiFi –

The secure WiFi function on Samsung devices is intended to give users additional security. 

 Process to disable camera in secure wifi:

 Go to Settings >> Connections >> WiFi >> Advanced >> Secure WiFi >> Apps, find the camera app there, and uncheck it to fix the issue.

Conclusion :-

 In this article, you have learned in depth how to fix security policies that prevent the use of cameras. Follow the steps as discussed above, and your problem will be solved in an instant. The above methods have been tested and work 100% of the time.


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