How To Share Wordle Results

When you win at Wordle, there is an absolute excitement to share it on social media with your friends and colleagues.

When you win a game on Wordle, it is definitely worth sharing on social media for the sheer effort it takes to find the correct word.

Don’t know how to post a word on Facebook or Twitter? Do not miss this wonderful opportunity and share your game results right away!

Well then, you have come to the right place, as in this blog we will discuss in detail how to share your world results.

What is the Wordle ?

Jonathan Feinberg developed Wordle in 2008. 

In the game, participants are given an empty grid and have to identify the 5-letter word.

There is no clue provided.

You have to guess by yourself what the word will be.

The game is won when the player successfully guesses the word.

How to play this interesting game?

Start by typing a random 5 letter word.

The box turns green if the letter is correct. The letter will turn yellow, if it is part of the world but in the wrong location. The letter will turn grey if it does not match the given word.

How to decode the world grid ?

You might have seen the grid written as “Wordle 574” on social media.

The world grid is represented by the number 574.

When people share the grid, it is typically the grid that shows the route a person took to find the word, but it does not contain any spoilers.

Users can easily compare their path to the correct word using the grid.

How to share world results ?

1) Via screenshot :-

You can grab a screenshot of the Wordle game and upload it to your social media account to share a game result there.

The “home” and “power” buttons must be pressed simultaneously on the majority of devices in order to take a screenshot.

 The screenshot can then be uploaded to your social network account along with any desired captions or remarks.

2) Through Twitter :-

Step 1: Once you have guessed the right word, a “statistics” page will pop up.

Step 2: Tap “share.” It will be situated at the bottom (right-hand side).

Step 3: Select “Twitter”.

Step 4: Log in with your Twitter credentials.

Step 5: Click “Tweet.”

If you are sharing through mobile, you will also get the option to share it via SMS (direct message).

3) Through Facebook :-

Follow the first 2 steps as before and select “Facebook.”

Step 1: Once you have selected FB (Facebook), login with your credentials. It will directly take you to the “what’s on your mind page.”

Step 2: Now, just click on “post.”

Via mobile: When you are sharing through mobile :

Step 1: Select “Facebook Newsfeed” from the list of apps.

Step 2: Now select “post.” If you want to send it to a group, you can choose the “group” icon from the list of apps.You can also share it in groups.

4) Via: Coping the Wordle :-

You can also copy the message to directly send it on other apps like Telegram. To copy the website, follow the steps given below: 

Follow the first steps as mentioned above. Now, select “Copy text.” Once you have copied it, you can directly paste it into any app of your choice.

5) Through Instagram :-

Method 1)

Follow the first two steps mentioned above, and select the “Instagram Stories” icon, “Instagram DM” icon, or “Instagram Post” icon from the list of icons.

Once selected, it will open the page as per your selection.

Screenshot method :-

You can take a screenshot of the wordle and then post it to your Instagram account. 

The “home” and “power” buttons must be pressed simultaneously on the majority of devices in order to take a screenshot.

 Once you have the screenshot, you can upload it to your Instagram account by opening the Instagram app, tapping the “+” button to create a new post, selecting the screenshot from your device’s camera roll, and adding any captions or comments you would like. You can also use the Instagram story feature and share the screenshot as a story.

What to do if wordle share fails ?

It is possible that you have enabled an ad blocker, which prevents the wordle from being copied.

This issue can be resolved by disabling the ad block.

Another reason for this might be “cookies .”

Clear the cookies on the NYT(New York Times ) website and try sharing it again.

Conclusion :-

After reading the article, you know now exactly how to share your wordle results.

It is extremely fun to compete with your friends by sharing your world.

It fosters a spirit of constructive competition among you and your friends.

Play more and share more. We hope you enjoy this game to the ultimate level!


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