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Security Guard Software


Are you an organization looking to install security guard and security patrol software?

This software and programme will be discussed briefly in this article.

The top most priority of any organisation should be its security.

 This software helps to optimize the security and increase the efficiency of the guards.

They also help in improving accountability.

So let’s get right into it.

What is security guard software ?

In simple words, security guard software is used to monitor the guard on duty.

It is used to track the guard’s duty hours and position.

It is also used to create hourly reports and schedules.

The benefits of security guard software :-

1) The software is very useful in the optimization of security.

2) They help to improve guard’s efficiency and enhance overall security.

3) Reduce your liability in the event of a mishap, as this software allows you to show the live position of your guard during the incident and prove that you were not negligent.

4) It is useful for calculating working hours and an accurate payroll.

5) It helps to give you a competitive edge by being transparent with clients.

The features of security guard software :-

1)Security guard software allows real-time tracking of a security guard, who is on duty.

2)This software allows administrators to track the position of a guard in real time on their platform.

The performance and capability of the guard is identifiable through this software.

3)This software aids a supervisor in the management of an organisation.

It helps a supervisor in the assessment of the following factors :-

A) Working hours of employees

B) Asset tracking and tracing

C) Field incident supervision and management

4) Security guard software helps in reducing the labour force by almost 60%.

It helps in reducing consumable processes like phone calls, paper filing, etc.

5)Because this software is cloud-based, it is advantageous in creating real-time data transfers, allowing you to relocate anywhere, and allowing real-time connection with an “alarm monitoring system.

How to Use Security Patrol Software?

1)It provides QR codes and NFC tags which a security guard can scan to check in and check out.

2)It can be used to assign tasks and also check how the tasks were performed and who completed them.

3) Therm application can enable guards to provide information about their task and location.

The application also provides a list of reports and allows a security guard to create their own personalised report.

4) Therm applications provide geo fencing, which allows you to see the location of an individual at any given timeframe.

5) It also has geo-tracking capabilities.

6) It also allows you to keep track of an individual or a specific object, such as a car.

7) It includes various modes of communication within the app – such as email, messaging, a bulletin board, and so on.

Security patrol software :-

A security guard software is a software solution which is used to inspect a security guard as they complete their patrol.

It is also known an “Home patrolling software”

The aim of this software is to keep the security guards accountable.

The system also contains the following hardware :


There are best free QR code generator which can be used as checkpoints.

b)A mobile reader

It is an electronic reader that a guard uses to scan the tags on the patrol route.

Both of them are connected to the software.

 How does this software work ?

The software works in the following way :

There are QR codes on the patrol route which the guard scans during his duty where his time and date are recorded.

If any incident occurs, it is recorded in the portable reader itself.

Once his duty is over, he transfers the data from the portable reader to the computer.

The software is customised as per the client’s needs, such as –

1) Time interval

2) Interval between two checkpoints

Conclusion :-

In this article, The application and multitude of benefits of this software as well as it’s services have been discussed in this article.

In today’s time, it is an absolute need for any organisation to implement this software in their workplace.

This software enhances the security of the foundation and also improves the efficiency of the guards.

Hence, as an organisation, this software should be on the top of the priority list.

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