Is QuickBooks Certification Worth It

QuickBooks user certification is very important for those who aspire to have a career in accounting.

You will always have an advantage over others who don’t do this certification and will be able to land a better job as a result.

As a student, you must have many questions in your mind as to whether QuickBook certification is worth it or not.

This blog will help you understand in detail whether or not you should pursue QuickBooks certification.

What is QuickBooks ?

In simple terms, QuickBook is an accounting software used by small enterprises.

It is developed by Intuit.

It aids small businesses in tracking their day-to-day expenses, invoices, etc.

What are the benefits of getting a QuickBooks user certification?

1)The biggest advantage of having this certification is that it can help you showcase your accounting skills.

This certification acts like a validation of your skills.

With the help of QuickBooks certification, you will be able to show employers that you have the necessary skills to operate QuickBooks easily.

2)This certificate will help open up more job opportunities for you :-

Today, QuickBooks has more than 85% of the market share in accounting software. This market share clearly shows the number of businesses that utilize this software.

Not having a QuickBooks certification will decrease your chances significantly.

You will learn real world information with the help of this certification.

You will be able to apply your academic knowledge to practical situations.

It will aid in getting the necessary real-world skills.

3)This is an industry-recognized certificate, which will make you market-ready.

It helps you understand how businesses use accounting in day-to-day life.

Is QuickBooks certification worth it?

Now, in the above paragraph, we have discussed the benefits in detail.

Yes, a QuickBooks certification is 100% worth it.

It is a necessity to have this certificate in today’s time.

Without this accreditation, you will miss a lot of practical opportunities.

85% of the market share belongs to QuickBooks software; this number shows you the importance of having this certificate.

Another reason why this certification is important is that small and medium-sized businesses depend on this software.

Businesses are dependent on this software for a variety of things like payroll, expenses, etc.

Hence, this is why it is very necessary that you do QuickBooks certification.

It is very important to note that you will not become a registered accountant. Having said so, the certification will only certify that you have knowledge regarding QuickBooks and will be helpful as a certification only in those companies that use QuickBooks.

Step-by-step guide to getting QuickBooks certification :-

Step 1 –

The first step in getting QuickBooks certification is understanding the software.

 You should first acquire knowledge about how QuickBooks functions.

Intuit has recommended a minimum 2-year learning period.

Step 2 –

Finding the ideal exam for your needs is the next step.

QuickBook has a variety of certifications such as :

  •  “Advanced Certified ProAdvisor.”
  • “ProAdvisor with Certification in QuickBooks Pro or Premier.”
  • “ProAdvisor with Certification in QuickBooks Point of Sale.”

Choose the one that matches with your career goals.

Step 3 –

Now, once you have decided which certification is perfect for you, it is time to decide whether you need a training course or study materials available on the internet.

A training course usually costs around $500.

Use the above-given link to access the study guide.

You can take courses offered by the NACPB or Intuit Academy.

Step 4 –

Now, it’s time to register for the exam.

The exam is conducted by the Accountant Training and Testing Center (ATTC).

The exam registration fee is $150 for non-registered members of the NAPCB (National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers).

NACPB members pay $100.

Exam details :-

Time: 2 hours 

Questions: 50

Marks required for passing: 75% (37/50).

Exam type: open book

Question type: MCQs (multiple choice questions)

Conclusion :-

QuickBooks certification is a must, as it will widen your horizons for getting a good job. As a job seeker, it is important to have all the necessary industry-recognized certifications.

As the competition is increasing, it is important to stand out among the other candidates.

Hence, QuickBooks certification is worth your time and money. We suggest you invest your energy, money and valuable time in this certification. It will definitely have real high benefits in the future. Your value will increase potentially. This will help you in securing an esteemed position in any recognized company at a high post. All the best for your future!


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