What Does Cancelled Call Mean on Iphone


Are you confused about seeing “Cancelled Call” on your iPhone call logs?

What does it even mean?

Is it similar to a missed or dropped call?

What does “Cancelled Call” mean on an iPhone?

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What does “Cancelled Call” mean on an iPhone?

If you are able to “Cancel Call” on your iPhone, it probably means that the call was terminated before it was connected to the other caller.

There can be a few reasons one can see a cancelled call on their iPhone device:

1) If one accidentally calls the other person and, within a fraction of a second, disconnects the call, This doesn’t allow the other person to receive the call in the first place, and therefore, in your call logs, the iPhone will showcase “Cancelled Call.”

2) If the call doesn’t connect to the other caller’s registered network, it is highly possible that the other person might not even receive the call as the caller might have issues on the service provider’s end, and in such cases, one can see the calls as “Cancelled Calls.”

3) If a person tries to call and the receiver is busy on the other call and you disconnect the call, you will see “Cancelled Call” in your call logs.

Why am I expecting “Cancelled Calls” all the time?

Cancelled calls, as discussed, mean that the call was not executed in the first place and that before the other person received the call, the call was disconnected.

If one is experiencing back-to-back “Cancelled Call” scenarios without willingly disconnecting the call, then there might be some issue you need to fix as soon as possible.

Well, worry not; we have provided a few tips and tricks that will help you resolve the issue.

1) It is important that you note that your device is updated and no software updates are pending.

2) One can try to switch off and restart the device to check whether or not the calls are connected properly.

3) It is important to ensure that the cellular range is up to par and that you are not facing any cellular network issues.

4) It is also important that one check whether or not they have recharged their service plan.

How do I check whether a call has been “cancelled”??

Step 1) Open the Phone app on your iPhone device.

Step 2) Tap on the Recent tab.

Step 3) Tap on the info symbol beside the caller’s name.

Step 4) After this, you will be able to see all the details regarding that call and also see that the call was “cancelled.”

Step 5) If you want, you can repeat the call with the person, as initially it was not executed.

What is the difference between “cancelled call” and “outgoing call”?? 

When we call someone via our iPhone and the call is connected and successfully executed, we term it an “outgoing call.” But when calls are not successfully connected to the receiver, they are said to be “cancelled calls.”


In conclusion, we would hope that your queries regarding cancelled calls are now solved. We hope this blog was insightful. The cancelled calls are the ones that are not even executed and are not received by the receiver.

Make sure that all the settings mentioned are as per standards and that no settings have been hampered. The call is considered to be cancelled only when it does not reach the other person’s network.

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