How to Get Rid of Hollow Arrow on Iphone

Introduction :-

Does the time on your iPhone have an arrow next to it?

Are you confused by the arrow ?

Have doubts as to “what does the arrow mean on my iPhone?” You are on right place since this blog will answer all of your questions about the white arrow on the iPhone.

What does the arrow mean on iPhone?

The arrow on an iPhone is an indication that an app is accessing the phone’s location.

This is the iPhone’s way of showing your location is being tracked. Hence, this is the meaning of the iPhone arrow next to time.

Let’s look at the types of arrows by time on the iPhone shown at the top:

Grey arrow  –

When you spot a grey arrow on the top corner, it is an indication that an app is using your current location.

Arrow in a blue circle –

When you spot an arrow with a blue circle, it is an indication that an app is trying to access location services.

Purple arrow –

When you spot a purple arrow at the top, it is an indication that your location was being accessed by an app.

Hollow arrow –

 A hollow arrow is the type of arrow that indicates geo-fencing.

But what does “geo fencing” mean?

Geo fencing, in simple terms, is like a geographical boundary.

When an app or device enters this geographic fence, a marketing action is generated. 

For example, if you are in a mall, it can generate a notification “Adidas buy 1 get 1 free”.

If you have certain reminders set for college, the reminders will be triggered as soon as you enter the college.

A hollow arrow on the iPhone is shown under specific conditions.

All the apps are always tracking the location of the consumers.

How to get rid of the hollow arrow on the iPhone ?

 Steps to remove the white arrow on the iPhone:-

Step 1: Tap “Settings”

Step 2: Go to “Privacy”

Step 3: Again, tap “Location services.”

Step 4: Select “System Services”

Step 5: At the bottom, you will find the “Status bar icon.”

Toggle the option off, this will hide the arrow on your iPhone.

How to turn off location services on the iPhone ?

The iPhone provides users with the option to completely turn off their location.

But remember that turning location off might affect certain apps.

Steps to turn off the location :

Step 1: Tap “SETTINGS”

Step 2: After going to settings, choose “Privacy”

Step 3: You will find the “Location Services” option.

Toggle it off.

It is not recommended to turn off location, as providing access to location is more beneficial to the user.

Location services play an important role, being helpful when you lose your phone or in an emergency.

This also aids in providing content relevant to you. 

How to turn off location services for certain apps ?

The iPhone provides an option for users to choose which app they have to provide location access.

Process to turn off location services for certain apps:

To reach “location services,” follow the same procedure that is mentioned above.

Once you reach “Location services”, scroll down to select the app for which you don’t want to have location access.

There are four options:


This means that the app will always have access to your location.

2)“While using the app”:

This means that the app will be able to access your location only when you are using the app.

3)“Ask next time”:

This means that the app will have to ask the user whenever they want to access their specificall


 This will prevent the app from using your iPhone’s location.

Your location details will not be shared if you choose the “never” option specifically.

Conclusion :-

Now after reading this blog, you have a clear idea as to what does the arrow next to the time mean.

This arrow is an indication of the location being accessed by the apps on your iPhone.

You can get rid of the arrow if you do not seem to like it by following the mentioned steps.

We hope all your doubts are clear after reading this interesting blog.


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