What does Outgoing call mean

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Do you have questions as to what does an outgoing call mean? What is a cancelled call?

You have come to the right place, as in this blog we briefly discuss outgoing call meaning and incoming call meaning.

Let’s get right into it.

What is an outgoing call ?

In simple terms, the call made by a user from his mobile to an individual via a cellular network is an outgoing call.

Outgoing calls are possible with the following :

a) Using a phone app

b) Using messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and others.

Outgoing calls incur charges.

Outgoing calls are basically all the calls that are initiated by a user from their own mobile phone.

I hope you have an answer to – “what is outgoing call ?”

In order to make an outgoing call, you must have a monthly recharge.

Each mobile operator has different plans regarding outgoing calls.

An outgoing call is not possible, without a valid recharge on your phone.

For WhatsApp and Skype calls, you will require an internet connection.

What does incoming call mean ?

An incoming call is a call that an individual receives on their cell phone.

The calls you receive from friends and family are an example of incoming calls.

This call does not incur any charges.

Is there a difference between incoming and outgoing calls ?

An incoming call is free of charge, whereas an outgoing call is not free of charge.

An incoming call is a call that you receive from others, whereas an outgoing call is initiated by an individual.

You will incur charges for an outgoing call for the time period of the call.

An incoming call means you are at the receiving end.

It is cost-free.

What does a cancelled call mean on an iPhone ?

A cancelled call is the type of call that is abruptly ended by the caller before it is picked up by the receiver. 

Before being ended by the caller, the phone will ring for a few seconds

What does an outgoing call mean on an iPhone?

An outgoing call on an iPhone is a call that a user makes on their iPhone and is received by the receiver on the other end.

What is the difference between an outgoing call and a cancelled call iPhone ?

The major difference between an outgoing call and a cancelled call is that an outgoing call is picked up by the receiver, while a cancelled call is the call that the caller himself ends in a few seconds.

Conclusion :-

After reading this blog, I’m sure you have clarity about outgoing calls as well as other types of calls.

An outgoing call means those calls which an individual makes from their own mobile, whereas an incoming call means those which an individual receives on his cell phone.

We hope, after going through this blog, all your questions regarding outgoing calls have been answered.


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