Does Starbucks take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks Accept Apple pay”? How to add Starbucks cards to the Apple Wallet?

All your doubts regarding these aspects will fly away, since you have come to the right place.

Let’s get right into it.

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay ?

Yes, Starbucks definitely accepts Apple Pay.

You can pay at drive thru, Starbucks stores via Apple pay.

You don’t incur extra charges when you pay via Apple Pay.

Hence, you can pay at Starbucks with Apple Pay without any worries.

How do I pay at Starbucks using Apple Pay ?

 The first step is to store your card details (debit or credit) in the Apple Wallet app.

Once your card is stored, you can make the payment via Apple Pay at the point of sale (POS) terminal. 

The process to make the payment is:

Step 1: Tap on the “side button” twice.

Step 2 : Authenticate with Face ID.

If your iPhone has Touch ID, authenticate using your fingerprint.

What are the benefits of paying via Apple Pay :-

1) There is no need to carry physical cash or credit cards.

2) It aids in making secure and faster transactions.

3) One of the most convenient and simplest modes of payment is Apple Pay.

How do I add a Starbucks card to my Apple Wallet ?

Earlier, it was possible to link your Starbucks card to your Apple wallet. However, as of today, this option is not available anymore.

Although, there is another method for doing this.

Step 1: Just open the Apple app Store and download “Stocard.” Mobile Wallet

Step 2: After opening the app, you will find a “+”  in the upper right corner

Step 3: Search for “Starbucks”.

Write or scan the code on your Starbucks card.

Step 5: Tap the three dots.

You will find the card is added

Can you reload your Starbucks app with Apple Pay ?

 Yes, you can reload your Starbucks app with Apple Pay.

An inbuilt “Apple Pay” option is available for iOS, especially for the Starbucks app.

Hence, you can reload your Starbucks wallet with Apple Pay in a hassle-free way.

Can you make payment with Apple Watch?

You can also make a payment from your Apple Watch.

Before making a payment with Apple Pay, make sure Starbucks is added to your Apple Watch.

After you have ordered, during checkout, hold the Apple Watch towards the payment machine. And voila, payment done!

Will you get Starbucks Rewards Stars after making payment from Apple Pay?

Yes, you will definitely get reward stars.

Until your Starbucks account is linked with your Starbucks card, stars will be added to your account.

Can Apple Pay be linked to Starbucks apps?

You can save time by keeping your Apple Pay linked to your Starbucks app whenever you are crouched on your Starbucks app wallet.

By doing so, you can easily add cash to your Starbucks card inside the app and also earn 2 stars for every dollar spent.

Conclusion :-

You can use Apple Pay at Starbucks without any worries.

To ensure safe and easy payment, opt for this mode.

You can pay in-store, at the drive-through, or even on the official Starbucks app via Apple Pay.

Now that all your questions are answered, go ahead and use Apple Pay for payment the next time you go to Starbucks.


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