How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID

Don’t remember your iPhone passcode? Looking for a way to solve this problem? You have come to the right place. Lets explore “How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID”?

When we forget the passcode of our iPhone, we tend to enter the wrong password several times, which leads to the iPhone getting disabled.

Once your iPhone gets disabled, the only way to unlock it is by using one of the 4 methods that we will discuss in this article.

When unlocking an iPhone without a passcode, it is recommended to follow the official way to unlock it rather than looking for tricks that never work.

While browsing the internet, you will find many methods or “tricks” showing the iPhone being unlocked using Siri, or by using the calculator app. Whereas, in this blog, you will learn the official and easiest method to unlock your iPhone.

You must be well aware of the fact that your entire data will get erased while doing any of these processes.

The methods required to unlock an iPhone are of two types :-

1) With an internet connection

2) Without an internet connection

The user can choose either of the methods depending on network availability.

Let us discuss the methods step by step.

Why Does An iPhone Get Disabled?

As a part of its security feature, after 10 or more incorrect passcodes, the iPhone gets disabled.

To prevent a person from typing excessive passwords, the iPhone will be disabled for a certain interval of time.

When this happens, wiping out the data is necessary.

How to Unlock iPhone Without Face Id or Passcode in 2022?

There are five ways to unlock your iPhone without using a passcode or face ID.

First method : Using iTunes

Step 1 – Switch off your iPhone

For iPhone 8 and subsequent models :-

Side + Volume button (Press it together)

iPhone 6 and 6+ , iPhone 7 ,7+

Side button (hold it)

Step 2 – Initiative Recovery Mode 

For iPhone 8 and subsequent models :

Side button (Press + hold together)

For iPhone 7,7+

Volume down (Press + hold together)

For iPhone 6 ,6+

Home button(Hold it )

Step 2 – Open iTunes :-

Open iTunes and wait for the “Restore” option to appear.

Click on Restore.

This will remove all the data, including the passcode.

Now we will discuss about how to unlock your iPhone without using passcode or Face ID when it is connected to the internet.

Method 2 – Erase it :-

This method is applicable only for iOS version 15.2 and above.

You should already have a backup on iCloud or on your laptop or computer.

You would require the following :-

1) Apple ID and password.

2) The iPhone must be connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi.

3) Your iPhone‘s screen should display ” iPhone Unavailable “.

The Procedure :-

1) In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will find an “Erase iPhone” option.

2) It will show “Erase all content and settings” on your screen.

Click on “Erase iPhone”

3) Type your Login credentials.

4) After entering the correct login credentials, the iPhone will be erased.
5) Once done, the “Hello” screen will appear.

Method 3 – iCloud via browser :-

Launch your browser, Open and login using your Apple ID credentials.

There will be a list of apps, choose “Find My iPhone”.

You will find three options.

Click the third option, “Erase iPhone” and this will initiate the process of erasing all the data in it.

Method 4- Via Find my app :-

Have another Apple product at home?

Log into Find my app on your other Apple devices.

Once you login follow these steps

Click on List of devices

Select the third option which is “ Erase “

Method 5 – Third-party software

In the market, there are plenty of third-party software which can aid you in unlocking the iPhone.

Just connect your iPhone with the data cable to a computer or laptop and the software will take care of the rest.

This software is not free.

Their cost depends from company to company.

A list of the most popular third-party software:

Dr Fone 


Tenorshare 4u key


In this article, we have discussed 5 ways through which we will be able to unlock the iPhone without a passcode or Face ID.

It is recommended not to fall for these “quick tips” or “hacks.”

There are videos that go viral trying to show a hack to unlock an iPhone without a passcode, but they are all debunked. Hence, stick to these genuine methods that are safe and easy to do. They are well tested and authentic.

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