How to Become a Pilot


Do you want to become a pilot?

You’ve come to the right place because this article will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a pilot, not just a commercial pilot but also a navy pilot, test pilot, blue angel pilot, coast guard pilot, bush pilot, and harbour pilot.

This article discusses in brief the steps required to be a pilot and the cost required to be one.

So let’s get right into it.

How Hard Is It To Become A Pilot ? 

Is it difficult to become a pilot? 

The basic requirements for becoming a pilot must be discussed in brief.

An eligible pilot must have the following qualifications:

a) Theoretical understanding

b) Possess flying abilities

  • Flying an aeroplane requires immense mental strength.
  • It is a high pressure job , as one wrong move and many lives will be at stake..
  • You need to have knowledge of all the rules and know in detail about engines, flight and radio control, hydraulic pumps, etc.
  • Multitasking is an important skill you will need to learn as you have to learn management of charts, communicate with ATC on radio, and navigate your aeroplane.
  • To be a pilot requires immense dedication. You need to commit to learning both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Becoming a pilot all comes down to one open question : how far are you willing to go to achieve this goal?
  • Becoming a pilot all comes down to each individual. Some may find this process easy, while most may deem it to be difficult.
  • The learning curve of a pilot is different from everyone else.
  • Some students find the communication part very difficult but the theoretical knowledge easy to understand.
  • Some people can’t stay calm under pressure, while others can.
  • Some are good at flying, but some students find it difficult to study.
  • Before becoming a pilot, all the students are motivated, but reality comes crashing down after they start their training.
  • Hence, to conclude, if you have funding, you can hustle and are persistent, you should go on this path.
  • Becoming a pilot requires a strong will.

 To answer your question, is it difficult to become a pilot? Yes, but with persistence, aptitude skills and funding it can be achieved.

How To Become Pilot If I Don’t Have Money ?

The path for becoming a pilot without money can be achieved by getting various scholarships.

List of scholarships :-

  • AOPA Scholarships
  • Scholarship for SMS-Pro Aviation Safety
  • The Ninety-Nines
  • The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is an organisation that promotes business aviation.
  • Aero Club Foundation of Washington
  • Women in Aviation and International
  • Aviation Education and Career Expo Scholarship
  • UAA (University Aviation Association)
  • General Aviation Manufacturers’ Association scholarships
  • The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Scholarships
  • The Air Force Association
  • The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
  • Whirly Girls helicopter scholarships
  • The National Air Transportation Association (NATA),
  • The National Gay Pilots Association

How To Become A Pilot In Florida ?

To be a pilot in Florida, you need to first get private plane certification.

To be eligible for “Private Plane Certification” (PPL),

Age: 18 +

Flight time: 10 hrs.

Pass the FAA written and practical tests.

After obtaining a private pilot’s license, you can apply to become an airline pilot.

1) 23 years old

2) must have a PPL

3) Flight time-1500

4) The candidate has to clear the “2nd class aviation medical certificate.”

How To Become A Harbour Pilot ?

The process of obtaining a harbour pilot licence is governed by DBPR (Department of Business & Professional Regulation).

The eligibility criteria to become a harbour pilot is as follows :

1) Age : 21 years or older

2) Education — Graduate school diploma

3) Must be drug-free and physically fit.

4) Experience: With a marine license. Also, a candidate should have 2 years of service at sea.

You should also have a “1600 tonne license” or “2nd mate”.

Having a first class pilot license from the USCG (coast guard) for US ports.

 How To Become A Bush Pilot ?

To become a bush pilot, the requirements are :

1) You must be certified in

a) PPL

b) CPL

c) Instrument Rating

2) Minimum flying hours: 500

You will require training in the following :

  • Mountain flying
  • Seaplane rating
  • Glacier landing
  • Ski plane

You would be required to attend a flight school which would teach you to land in unusual conditions.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Pilot ?

The cost of being a pilot depends on  –

1) Flight school

2) Pilot type

Private pilot-$8000 to $10,000

71,000-130,000 $ for a commercial pilot

You would have to pay the following fees :

1) Medical

2) Instructor

3) Rent an aeroplane

4) Belonging to a flight club

5) Exam

How Long Does It Take To Be A Helicopter Pilot ?

It takes approximately 1.5 to 2 years to become a helicopter pilot.

This length of time to become a helicopter pilot varies from one student to another.

You might have another question in mind as to how much it costs to be a helicopter pilot.

It costs around 70,000 to 80,000 dollars to become a helicopter pilot.

If you want to analyze helicopter pilot jobs you can visit authoritative job search websites like Jooble.

How Hard Is It To Become A Fighter Pilot ?

Like previously discussed, “how hard” varies from person to person, and it’s extremely competitive to be a fighter pilot.

You need to be the best in everything, from academics, eyesight, endurance, physical aptitude to health at its peak.

With the right persistence, excellent learning abilities, and endurance, you can become a fighter pilot.

You might also wonder how long does it take to be a fighter pilot?

It takes approximately 18 months to be a fighter pilot.

How To Become A Blue Angels Pilot ?

1) Eligible  Navy and Marine Corps pilots can apply to join the Blue Angel squadron.

2) Applicants are interviewed in Pensacola, Florida.

3) Voting is used to make the decision.

4) The flight leader is chosen by the Chief of Naval Air Training.

How To Become A Pilot?

Step 1-Join a flight school

Step 2-Earn a PPL (Private Pilot License)

Step 3-The next step is to fly under IFR and increase your “Instrument Rating”.

Step 4-Earn a CPL (commercial pilot’s license)

Step 5-Obtain a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)

Step 6- Gain Multiple Engine Ratings

Step 7-Obtain an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate.

 Once ATP certification is acquired, you will meet the eligibility criteria of the majority of US airlines.

How To Become A Coast Guard Pilot ?

1st method—

Once you have completed a 4-year college degree, you can join the “Coast Guard Academy”. This is a 4-year training programme where you are trained to be an officer.

After the program’s completion, you can apply for cost-guard pilot training.

After selection, there will be an 18 month training.

2nd method—

The 2nd method is the “Direct commission” method.

If you are an active military aviator in another branch, you can directly apply to become a cost guard pilot.

Commercial pilots are not allowed to apply for this method.

 One thing common to both methods is that you have to be on active military duty.

How To Become A Test Pilot?

The requirements to be a test pilot are :

1) The candidate should have served in the US Armed Forces as a pilot.

2) Education: Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Maths, and Engineering.

3) Minimum flying time: 1000 hours

4) If you have fulfilled the above criterias, then enrol yourself in the “US Air Force Test Pilot School” at “Edwards Air Force Base”, located in California or the “US Naval Test Pilot School”, at “Naval Air Station Patuxent River”, based in Maryland.

After completing roughly 45 to 50 weeks of training, you can find work with the military.

How To Become A Pilot In Bitlife ?

To become a pilot in bitlife, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria :

1) You will need a graduate degree.

2) Highest grade in high school

3) Work part-time while attending university.

Once you have done this :

a) Click on “Activities” 

b) Find and tap on the “License” option.

c) Training time: 40 hours

c) Pilot test cost-960 dollars

Take the test, answer the questions, and you will get your pilot’s license.

Once the pilot test is cleared, you can search for airline pilot jobs and apply for them.

How Hard Is It to Become A Navy Pilot ?

Becoming a pilot in the Navy, is immensely difficult.

You need an exceptional record in academics, endurance, athletics, and overall tremendous physical health.

It is not easy to meet the criteria of becoming a navy pilot. It requires tons of qualifications and capabilities.

Your vision should be perfect and no asthma after the age of 12.

Only 10% of applications are shortlisted.

As a result, becoming a navy pilot requires complete dedication, focus, and giving your all.

Conclusion :-

Being a pilot requires a great deal of dedication, focus, and persistence.

After reading the article, you know very well what the steps are required to be a pilot and the cost is required for the same.

Hence, you choose what’s best for you.

If being a pilot is your goal, keep working towards it because this profession is worth all the effort.

All the best!


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