How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

The Apple Watch has been an integral part of the Apple ecosystem over the past few years. Its popularity has risen due to a few factors, like the sleek and light design, the health tracking features, and much more. It is like having an iPhone on your wrist. The Apple Watch now also provides ECG recording. 

With such great features and its integration on a daily basis with our lives, it will consume a considerable amount of battery obviously. It is important that one charges their Apple Watch battery daily. It is highly possible that one might forget to charge their Apple Watch and find himself in a dilemma where he can’t find a magnetic Apple Watch charger nearby.

Well, if you are entangled in such a case, you have managed to land yourself on the right page. Here, we will help you find the most appropriate alternatives. This will be your one-stop solution for all your needs.

How To Charge Apple Watch Without a Charger?

To charge its battery, the Apple Watch requires a magnetic charging cable that attaches to the device’s back.

If you do not have access to your original charger, there are some alternative charging methods you can try. These are :-

1) Use a wireless charger: You may be able to charge your Apple Watch with a Qi wireless charger. Place the charger on a flat surface, followed by the Apple Watch.

2) Purchase a third-party charging cable for your Apple Watch : You can buy a third-party charging cable for your Apple Watch, but make sure it is compatible with your specific model.

3) Use a portable power bank: If you have a portable power bank, you may be able to charge your Apple Watch while you are on the move. It is important to note that using a non-Apple charger or cable may cause your Apple Watch to malfunction and lose its warranty. For safe and effective charging, use the original charger or a certified third-party charger.

4) Magnetic Charging Cable: The most common and recommended method of charging an Apple Watch is with the provided magnetic charging cable. The cable is magnetised to the rear of the Apple Watch and plugs into a USB power adapter or a computer’s USB port.

5) Wireless Charging: The Apple Watch Series 3 and later models support wireless charging. To charge your watch wirelessly, use a Qi-compatible charging station.

6) Portable Charger: A portable power bank with a USB connector is another option for charging your Apple Watch. To begin charging, connect the Apple Watch charging cord to the portable charger’s USB port.

Why is the Apple Watch so popular among users?

The Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch created and manufactured by Apple Inc. It was first released in 2015 and has since gone through multiple revisions and changes.

The Apple Watch can be used for a number of tasks, including:

1) Fitness tracking: The watch can measure your everyday activities like steps, calories burned, and distance travelled.

2) Communication: The watch allows you to make and receive phone calls and text messages, as well as access other chat programmes.

3) Timekeeping: The watch shows the time and offers a variety of watch faces and complexity that may be customised to your liking.

4) Mobile payments: The watch includes an NFC chip that enables Apple Pay mobile payments.

How can one charge the Apple Watch?

You can charge an Apple Watch by following these steps:

Step 1: Connect the Apple Watch charging cord to a power source. You can use the included USB power adapter or any other USB power source.

Step 2: Align the charger with the watch’s back. The Apple Watch’s charging puck should be in contact with the watch’s back.

Step 3: Check that the magnets on the charging cable and the rear of the watch are aligned. The Apple Watch should snap into place on the charger, and a vibration should indicate that charging has begun.


Now that you have gone through the blog, you are clear as to whether or not you can charge your Apple Watch without a charger. It is recommended to always charge your Apple Watch with the original charger and to avoid gimmicky tricks seen on the internet. These tricks, in some cases, can damage your Apple Watch. If you have any questions, let us know.

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