How to Set Clock On Samsung Microwave?

Samsung, a well-known and trusted electronics brand, offers a range of microwave ovens designed to meet the diverse cooking needs of consumers. Microwaves manufactured by Samsung are an excellent asset to any kitchen. They not only have a wide range of features, but they are also easy to use. Today, you will learn how to set the clock on your Samsung microwave. This is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to do so. You can properly adjust the time on your microwave in just a few easy steps. 

How To Set Clock On Samsung Microwave?

When we get a new microwave, one of the first things we do is check the time because it’s always helpful to know when dinner is cooking! However, not all microwaves have the same panels, making determining which setting you require challenging. Fortunately, adjusting the clock on a Samsung microwave is not too difficult. Check out the two methods mentioned below if you need instructions on how to set the clock on a Samsung microwave:

Method 1 – Using Arrow Buttons To Set The Time

Look for the arrow buttons on the control panel. The microwave’s timer is often adjusted using these controls. Use the arrow buttons to enter the current time to set the clock. Press “Start” to save your adjustments when you have entered the right time.

  • On the microwave’s control panel, press OK to begin. Then, to set the hour, use the left or right arrows. Push OK one more after the hour has been selected.
  • To set the minutes, use the left or right arrows. Then, click OK.
  • Now, the time will appear on the control panel. When using your microwave, the current time will change to the preset cooking time.
  • Simply follow the previous instructions again if you need to change the time.

Method 2: Using The Options Button To Set The Time

You can quickly change the time on your clock by pressing the Options button on Samsung microwaves. It takes only a couple of seconds!

  • Select Options from the menu.
  • On the number pad, press the 9 button.
  • After pressing the OK button, use the number pad to enter the current time.
  • When you’re done, click OK.
  • By tapping the Options button on Samsung microwaves, you can change the clock in only a few seconds.

Why It’s Important To Set The Clock On Your Microwave

  • You can monitor the cooking progress of your food. This is crucial whether you’re defrosting something in the microwave or want to prevent overcooking your food.
  • Some microwaves provide features where you have to enter the time right now. For instance, the delayed start feature will only operate if the clock has been configured.
  • Your meal will cook for the proper amount of time if the clock is set properly. Your food may come out overcooked or undercooked if the time is off.
  • The microwave will be able to regulate its beeping cycle. The beeps could sound randomly or not at all if the clock isn’t set.
  • It helps with time management in the kitchen, ensuring you can track cooking durations accurately.


You can set the clock on Samsung microwave ovens, which also come with several other features. You have learned how to set the clock on a Samsung microwave oven in just a few easy steps. Refer to the operator’s manual or contact the Samsung customer service department for further assistance if you have trouble setting the clock or have any other inquiries regarding your Samsung microwave oven. 


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