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Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing app on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. People can upload photos or videos and share them with their followers or with a selected group of friends. They can also view, comment, and like posts shared by their friends on Instagram. As the social media landscape continually shifts and grows, shorthand forms of communication, such as acronyms and abbreviations, become popular. On Instagram, “CFL” is one such term that has recently gained popularity. CFL full form is “Close Friends List”, and this feature has allowed users to share content in a more selective and private manner. 

Purpose and Function of Close Friends List Feature

Catering to Privacy Needs

In an era where privacy concerns on digital platforms are escalating, the Close Friends List serves as a mechanism for users to share content without exposing it to their entire follower base. This feature ensures that personal or sensitive posts are only accessible to a trusted circle.

Enhancing Personal Connections

As social media platforms grow and user follower counts increase, there’s a risk of the platforms becoming impersonal. The Close Friends feature enables users to foster and maintain private connections amidst the vast digital crowd.

Encouraging Authenticity

With a limited and trusted audience, users might feel more comfortable being their authentic selves, free from the potential judgment of a broader audience. The list offers a space to be candid, raw, and genuine.

Selective Sharing

Not every moment captured and shared on Instagram is meant for all followers. Some memories are private, while others might be too personal or sensitive. The CFL gives users the autonomy to choose their audience.

Potential Pitfalls of the Close Friends List Feature on Instagram

Perceived Exclusivity

If a follower notices they aren’t part of someone’s Close Friends List, it might lead to feelings of exclusion. Such feelings can strain personal relationships, especially if the excluded party had previously considered themselves close to the user.


Since Instagram doesn’t notify people when added or removed from a CFL, users might forget who’s on their list. Sharing content meant for a smaller group with a broader audience by mistake can happen.


Relying too heavily on the Close Friends feature might deter users from sharing content with their broader follower base, limiting engagement.

Setting Up and Managing a Close Friends List on Instagram

Instagram’s Close Friends List is valuable for users seeking a more private and selective sharing experience on the platform. It allows users to create a separate list of followers with whom they can share exclusive content away from the eyes of their entire follower base. If you’re considering leveraging this feature, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and manage your Close Friends List.

Open Instagram

Start by launching the Instagram app on your device and logging into your account.

Navigate to Your Profile

Find the profile icon at the bottom right corner and tap on it.

Access the Menu

Tap the three horizontal lines on your profile page at the top right corner.

Find ‘Close Friends’

In the dropdown menu, select the “Close Friends” option. This section will be empty if you haven’t set up a list before.

Add Members 

Tap on the “Add” button next to the follower’s name to add them to your Close Friends List. Instagram might suggest some users based on your interactions, but you can also search for specific users in the search bar.

Review the List

Once added, the users will appear under the “Your List” section. Here, you can review and ensure you’ve added the desired followers.

Managing Your Close Friends List

Removing Members

If you remove someone from the list, navigate to “Close Friends” in the menu. Under the “Your List” section, tap the “Remove” button next to the follower’s name. They won’t be notified of the removal.

Sharing Stories with Close Friends  

When creating a story, you’ll notice a green star icon labeled “Close Friends.” By selecting this, your story will be shared exclusively with those on your Close Friends List. Members will see a green circle around your story, indicating its exclusive nature.

Viewing Your Shared Stories

Stories shared with Close Friends are archived just like regular stories. To view them, head to your profile and tap the clock-like icon on the top right. Under the “Stories Archive,” you can revisit your Close Friends stories.

Adjust Notifications

If you wish to receive notifications when someone from your Close Friends List posts a story, you can do so by going to “Close Friends” and toggling on the “Notifications” option.

Tips and Best Practices of using CFL feature


Since Instagram doesn’t notify users when they’re added or removed from a Close Friends List, you have discretion. However, be mindful of potential relationship dynamics that can be affected if someone finds out they aren’t on your list.

Regularly Update the List

Over time, relationships evolve. Regularly review and update your list to reflect your current close connections.

Use Responsibly

Remember, while the content is shared with a select few, it’s still digital. Share responsibly, ensuring you’re not violating anyone’s privacy or trust.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the Close Friends List or CFL on Instagram reflects the changing dynamics of social media sharing. While platforms began as spaces for broad, indiscriminate sharing, there’s now a recognized need for more selective and private connections. Instagram’s Close Friends List offers a personalized layer to the story-sharing experience, allowing users to segregate content and share with those they’re closest to. 

Setting up and managing the close friends list is simple, making it an essential feature for the discerning Instagram user. The CFL is a testament to the evolving user needs in the digital age, catering to the desire for privacy while balancing the urge to share. As with all feature, it comes with its advantages and potential pitfalls. Responsible use and a clear understanding of its functionality can make it a valuable feature for many Instagram users.


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