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Making a brand is an art. It changes, has many sides, and can be unpredictable. And while some basic rules are the same for all brands, you should always do research and change to fit the market for your brand. Marketers for custom home builders are a subset that can use certain tools to make their brand stand out from the rest.

Building a custom home brand that stands out

No matter the size of the brand, the product or service, or the market, you should first set up some solid marketing strategies before getting into the details. The devil is in the details when it comes to marketing for custom home builders.

Understand your audience

Knowing your target audience means that you have a clear idea of how your ideal customer acts, that you have done research to narrow down your ideal customer (based on age, location, and job), and that you have a clear message. The people in charge of marketing for custom home builders need to know how far their brand reaches. In what places do they build? Who is the perfect customer? Look at the brand’s website and social media analytics to learn more about who your audience is. When you know your audience, you can create a good brand persona.

Marketing plans for builders of custom homes

If you are marketing for a custom home builder, you should know who your audience is and what your niche is (i.e., the things that set you apart). But are you making the best use of your marketing? And what are you doing to stand out? As a custom home builder, you can do this by:

Improve your site.

SEO is important for every brand, but local SEO is even more important for custom home builders. Your website is the first step in your SEO strategy. Start by making a list of keywords (which you can find on sites like SEMrush) that relate to your brand and the area where you build custom homes. For example, if you serve Arizona, this could be “custom homes in Arizona,” “custom home builders in Arizona,” and so on. From there, “make sure that phrase is in the title of one or more of your website pages.” Add the phrase to the text on your homepage as well.” For local SEO hack, the best things to do are to make local content, add location pages to your site, and make sure Google My Business is set up correctly.

Set up a blog and eNews

Clients’ projects for custom homes are very personal to them. This means that you need to send them a newsletter that is tailored to their interests. It’s also true that “potential customers may be interested in your business or what you have to say, but they may not be ready to buy just yet.” Newsletters are a great way to show off your portfolio, and blogs are a great way to show what goes on behind the scenes, giving potential clients a better idea of what you do and how good you are at it. These tools can help you spread the word about your custom home brand.

Add case studies and galleries of projects

Case studies and a large photo gallery are the most important things for a custom home builder to have on their website. Clients and possible clients want to see what you’ve done in the past. They want to be impressed by pictures and learn about the project’s details (where storytelling can come back in). Testimonials from past customers can also be included in case studies. These can make or break a new deal. The custom home brand will be easier to sell if these case studies and galleries are easy to share.

Get the most out of social media

Lastly, custom home builders have brands that focus on how they look. So social sites like Instagram offer a place to show off both new and old work. Remember to make the most of each site. Facebook can be used to help answer questions from customers. Twitter is a great way to reach out to new people. LinkedIn can help you connect with other people and businesses. And YouTube lets you show a livelier side of your brand (i.e., a video timelapse of a project).

We love the following

Since the brands of custom home builders are so visual, it wouldn’t be fair not to show off some of our favorites. These local businesses stand out by using pictures, stories, and interesting brands.

Building momentum

Marketing a brand that stands out takes time and a deep knowledge of both the market and what the brand has to offer. For brands like custom home builders, there are ways to stand out from the (growing) competition, like using image-forward websites and case studies. The lesson here is that you should build momentum in your marketing by having values and content that keep you moving forward and ahead of the competition.
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