Benefits of Living in Ohio

Ohio doesn’t sound like the most exciting place to live. And to be honest, there isn’t as much excitement as there is in some places like New York. But that doesn’t mean that living in Ohio isn’t great.

The state has much more to offer than others. It’s very family-friendly, and it isn’t that expensive to live in. But you should always take some things into consideration before you make a move.

To help you make a decision, here are some of the benefits of living in Ohio.

  1. Low Cost

The main benefit of living in Ohio is the cost.

If you look at an expense map of the U.S., Ohio’s housing market is in pretty good standing. You can get a good house for less money than in other places.

Houses aren’t the only affordable thing here. The cost of living is generally lower than in states like New York or California.

Of course, this depends on where you are. You can spend a lot of money on a mansion in Ohio if you want. But, on average, this is a much more affordable state to live in.

There are also lots of free activities. The state has eight national parks and many state parks that aren’t that expensive to visit.
And it doesn’t take long to get out into nature.

  1. Medical Marijuana

Cannabis has been legalized for medical use in Ohio.

If you have a marijuana prescription, consider the legal status of cannabis before you make your move.

Here’s some information on how to legally obtain cannabis in Ohio.

While medical use has been legalized, recreational use has not been totally decriminalized. For the most part, recreational use is not allowed in the state.

However, most big cities have decriminalized recreational use in small amounts. There is a small fine for using marijuana, but it is not very much. In fact, it’s quite affordable.

When buying cannabis, you should always buy from a licensed dispensary. That way you know what you’re getting. And you can learn some valuable information about the product you are buying.

Other good medicinal cannabis products are CBD oils. These are great for relaxing and treating injuries. You can find these at most dispensaries.

Hopefully, the state’s cannabis legislation will loosen soon.

  1. Good Cities

There are a few big cities in Ohio.

Cincinnati and Cleveland are the most well-known. However, Columbus and Dayton are also worth a visit.

It’s pretty easy to take a day trip to any of these cities depending on where you are. But spending a night in some of them could be worth it.

Choosing to live in a small town or in the country can be great. But it’s nice to know that there are big cities nearby with a lot of convenience.

The smaller cities and towns are also worth a visit. Toledo is a very popular and scenic place to visit.

  1. Outdoor Recreation

Here is a list of all the national parks in Ohio.

They should definitely be on your list to see even if you don’t live here. And if you do live here, all of them would be very easy to visit.

Living with easy access to nature is good for the body and mind. People who regularly spend time outdoors are on average happier than those who don’t.

Once you’ve seen all the national parks, check out the state’s state parks. Even in the cities and suburbs, there are untouched natural spots.

Nature is one of the main reasons people move to Ohio.

  1. Great Schools

For families, Ohio is perfect.

The public school system here is one of the best. There are also a few good universities in Ohio.

Even if you don’t have kids, living in a place with a good school system is ideal. It means that the community is intellectually engaged.

Because of its natural beauty, Ohio is also a great place to homeschool kids. The state offers a lot of opportunities for hands-on learning.

For example, you can learn about biology in a national park.


Ohio is one of the best places in the country to live in. There’s a reason why so many people love it.

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