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Construction projects are notoriously lengthy and in out-of-the-way destinations. Because of the various details involved in getting everyone involved at the job site, the simplest solution is often to set up a man camp.

While they’re not for everyone, man camps solve many logistics issues for the construction manager. Selling the idea to your crew members isn’t quite black-and-white, though. 

If you’re debating on whether to use hotels, man camps, or other lodgings, check out these five benefits of on-site accommodation, and make an informed decision for your team.

1. Transportation is a Cinch

Finding a place for your crew to stay is one thing. Another is figuring out how to get them all, plus the large trucks and machinery, to the job site. This isn’t an issue when everyone stays in the same central location near the project.

Not only does this save time, but it significantly cuts down on travel expenses. You don’t need to reimburse anyone’s fuel mileage or pay someone to pick up your crew and bring them to work daily.

The downside is that your workers may feel “stuck.” They’re adults used to having a measure of independence. If you want loyalty and job satisfaction, be sure to include a way that everyone gets to have some freedom away from camp throughout the week.

2. You Have More Oversight On and Off the Clock

What goes on outside of work hours often carries into the job. When it comes to mixing hard feelings or bad habits with construction work, this can be dangerous. 

You can include rules against off-the-clock fighting, drinking, drugs, and other negative behaviors in your work policy, but you often can’t enforce them when your crew is on their own.

A man camp allows you to have better oversight regarding the behavior of your crew members. You can monitor the project’s progress, adjust deadlines as necessary, and reward hard work. At the same time, you’ll have a better feel for any conflict between workers before it becomes a major issue.

On-site lodging also reduces the concern of what to do in emergencies. Your team can immediately know anything important, and if there’s an accident, it can be dealt with quickly.

3. Camps Develop Cohesiveness

When a group of adults is thrown together for extended periods, the results depend on the leadership involved. But with a strong, positive leader, man camps “force” togetherness, which can be impactful for the project’s overall success.

Communication on the job is almost instant, reducing confusion that often causes conflict. Misunderstandings are solved quickly. Crew members learn to work together for the best results, and goals are met with streamlined intention.

4. Costs Decrease

Running a camp full of crew members isn’t cheap, regardless of how you approach it. But if you establish the foundations of your man camp early and continue to keep them consistent, you can maximize the return on your investment over multiple projects.

Rather than trying to juggle dozens (or more) of Meals and Incidentals reimbursements, a man camp lets you handle bulk catering on-site or use a kitchen to feed everyone. Transportation costs are minimal, and laundry and cleaning services are limited to the camp instead of spread out through hotels.

5. Duty of Care is Easier to Establish

Every managing entity has a duty of care to its employees and those who enter the property. This can be challenging to cover thoroughly when everyone is spread out over multiple properties. 

Keeping your workers confined to a man camp limits the variables. Since construction is already dangerous enough, the fewer outside hazards, the better.

Man camps reduce the chances of transportation accidents coming to or leaving the job site. If there’s a health outbreak, the spread is reduced to those who are on the property.

Crucial safety information can be shared quickly; you’ll know about it in minutes if an emergency occurs. These factors all improve your ability to provide your workers with the ultimate duty of care while also protecting your company from liability.


There are pros and cons to many of the decisions you’ll need to make when you run a construction crew. Lodging and the accommodations that come with it are an essential piece of the job. Keep these benefits in mind, and you’ll be able to make a more informed choice for your team.


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